Why the SNFCC will Survive

Antonis Diamataris - March 2, 2017

(By Publisher-Editor Antonis H. Diamataris, on his recent trip to Greece) Rarely, no more than once or twice in a century, an unusually creative international […]

Utmost Demagoguery

Antonis Diamataris - February 21, 2017

Recently on Euronews, one of the top three stories was that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras accused German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble of “playing with […]

He’s Out Like Flynn

Antonis Diamataris - February 19, 2017

By Antonis Diamataris Fortunately for Donald Trump and the country, National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn managed to maintain his position for a mere 24 days […]

The Carrier Mirage

Dan Georgakas - December 18, 2016

This past November, President-elect Donald Trump tweeted that he had convinced Carrier corporation to halt the transfer of over a thousand jobs to Mexico. This […]


Antonis Diamataris - September 18, 2016

Mostly after the last World War, all nations have come to realize the crucial importance for all peoples, ethnic groups and individuals of knowing their […]

Patriarchate Targeted

Antonis Diamataris - September 1, 2016

The hatred that divides onetime friends Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Fethullah Gulen – the Turkish religious leader who lives in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains […]

My Greek Sources

Antonis Diamataris - August 31, 2016

By Publisher-Editor Antonis H. Diamataris, who recently returned from Greece. Today I will commit a very serious journalistic misconduct. I will reveal my sources to […]

Greece and the 2016 Olympics

TNH Staff - August 29, 2016

Undoubtedly the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro were a great success for Greece. The competing Greek athletes, not just the Olympic medalists, left an […]

Greece Olympics Forever

TNH Staff - August 23, 2016

Amanda Vanstone, a former minister in the Australian government, recently penned an op-ed piece published in the Sydney Morning Herald proposing that the Summer Olympic […]

Trump Train Stalled

TNH Staff - August 19, 2016

To borrow and amend a well-known phrase, no one ever got rich from underestimating Donald Trump. Over the past year, we watched “experts” of all […]