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For feedback or problems with accessibility, please contact Customer Care. Be sure to include information about the browser, operating system, and assistive technology you’re using.

Here are some tips to make sure you have the best possible experience on our website:

Increase the Font Size on TheNationalHerald.com:

There are two ways to increase the font size for The National Herald website:

Note: Some websites will not display the desired font size even after adjusting browser font settings. Use the quick font size change solution to increase font size.

  • Zoom to increase page size

    • You can quickly zoom in to change the font size for your current browser window or tab. This method is a temporary solution, and font size may not be retained if you open another tab or window.

    • Here are instructions for doing this with different operating systems:

      • Windows users: Press the CTRL and + keys to zoom in, and the CTRL and – keys to zoom out.

      • MacOS users: Press the CMD and + keys to zoom in, and the CMD and – keys to zoom out.

Highlight the Text for Audio Reading

The National Herald offers the ability to highlight the text and select the accessibility icon to speak the text that is highlighted. This can be used for all text throughout the website.

Access The National Herald on a Mobile Device

You can read The National Herald wherever you are with your iPhone or Android device. Each device has accessibility features that allow the display and font settings to be modified as well as a screen reader to speak the text on the screen.

Each mobile operating system provides accessibility features for vision, hearing and mobility impairments. Here are the instructions for doing this with different models:

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