Did U.S. Oppose Cyprus Invasion?

By Antonis H. Diamataris - August 13, 2018

For nearly 44 years, almost all of us Greeks believed that the United States bore huge responsibility for the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. On the […]

Aegean Airlines Soars above the Rest

By Antonis H. Diamataris - August 12, 2018

Aegean Airlines deserves to be studied by other Greek companies and even used as a case study by Harvard Business School for excelling in its […]

Washington Must Say “Oxi” to Turkey

By Antonis H. Diamataris - August 10, 2018

Decades of history reveal U.S.-Turkey relations having gone through various crises, which however returned to the typical very good state of affairs with the United […]

National Sovereignty Supersedes All

By Antonis H. Diamataris - August 9, 2018

My readers know that I often do not have the opportunity to agree with the decisions of the current Greek administration. And that is not […]

Red-Hot Fires, Lukewarm Donations

By Antonis H. Diamataris - August 8, 2018

The inconceivable losses in human lives and fortunes caused by the fire in a suburb of Athens affected not only the Greeks of Greece but […]

Beginning of the End of Tsipras Government

By Antonis H. Diamataris - August 7, 2018

In our August 4 lead editorial “Conclusions from This Summer,” we wrote that “you do not need to be a prophet to see that these […]

Tourism: Myth and Reality

By Antonis H. Diamataris - August 5, 2018

What I heard in Greece by hoteliers and restaurateurs time and again was that tourism in general was down at the end of July and […]

Conclusions from this Summer

By Antonis H. Diamataris - August 3, 2018

The Fire of 2018 And then, the wind blew and the Fire of 2018 burned on. The fire in a summer resort, a short distance […]

Wildfires: Greece and California

By Eleni Sakellis - August 1, 2018

The terrible images from the fires that ravaged areas outside of Athens and are now burning in California remind us all of how quickly life […]

Questions about Russia

By TNH Staff - July 30, 2018

Sadly, what often passes for “news analysis” nowadays is really an extension of the analyst’s political and ideological preferences. This is certainly not exclusive to […]