Tradition Alive in Metsovo

- May 8, 2014

Nestled on a Pindus Mountain slope in Northern Greece is the quaint town of Metsovo. Home to less than 3,000 residents, Metsovo offers visitors a […]

The Zahorohoria

- May 4, 2014

Situated in the Zagoria region of Epirus in Northwestern Greece, the Zagorohoria are a cluster of some 48 traditional villages, each unique in its own […]

Greece in Wax

- May 2, 2014

The ghosts of figures key to Modern Greek history eerily come to life in the form of wax models by renowned sculptor Pavlos Vrellis at […]

Mystras Castle: The Wonder of Morea

- April 30, 2014

A fortified town near ancient Sparti on Mount Taygetos in the Peloponnese, Mystras was built around a fortress dating back to 1249, and in the […]

Mezedakia in Athens

- April 27, 2014

Gougou Meze in Athens is a perfect place for visiting with a group of friends. The food here is simply delectable and friendly priced. Mix […]

Panormitis Bay: Quintessentially Idyllic

- April 26, 2014

“Panormitis Bay is as close to idyllic as it gets,” says Richard Clark, author of the recently released Lives and Landscapes on the Island of […]

Visiting the Laiki Agora

- April 25, 2014

The Laiki Agora – the people’s market – is a collection of small street vendors offering fresh food items perfect for delicious home cooking. In […]

Kerkyra: The Ultimate Easter Experience

- April 23, 2014

Passionate band music, fragrant blooming trees, and a fresh springtime essence will put you in the mood for a wonderful religious celebration reflective of the […]

Santorini’s Pension George: the Dream

- April 21, 2014

George Halaris was only sixteen in the early 1970s when he was working on a cruise ship in the Aegean touring the Cycladic islands, admiring […]