The Colors of Santorini’s Beaches

- September 17, 2014

Part of the dazzling Cyclades, Santorini rivals Mykonos in popularity and has this summer attracted more tourists than ever according to the locals. It’s a […]

The Cave of Antiparos

- September 14, 2014

There’s no visit to the islands of Antiparos or Paros complete without a walk through the famous cave of Antiparos. Home to the oldest-known stalagmite […]

STANH: The World’s Best Ice Cream

- September 6, 2014

Of course “the world’s best ice cream” is a dubious and nearly impossible to prove claim. Nonetheless, I stand behind it: having eaten an array […]

Apiranthos Village in Naxos

- September 3, 2014

Located in the southern Aegean Sea, Naxos is recognized for its clear waters, ancient treasures, and cheese production. The largest of the Cycladic islands, Naxos […]

Panormos Beach in Mykonos

- August 15, 2014

Ah…Mykonos…the famous cosmopolitan Greek island brimming with art galleries, young tourists, and a kooky local flair. For those interested in loud music, rowdy visitors (mostly […]

Huffington Post Writes of Magical Chios

- August 12, 2014

Here’s a refreshing switch: an article in a non-Greek publication (though its founder and namesake, Arianna Huffington, is Greek) about a Greek island, and the […]

Falling in Love with Ermoupolis

- August 11, 2014

Stone-paved streets, light earthy tones, ornate doors, and historical buildings characterize this brilliant capital of Syros island. Once you step foot here you will notice […]