The Port of Volos

- March 26, 2014

A large seaside city at the foot of Mount Pelion in the area of Thessaly, Volos is home to one of Greece’s most romantic and […]

Thessaloniki Mou

- March 21, 2014

Most visitors to Greece make Athens their base before leaving for the islands.  If you are someone who travels to Greece regularly and have never […]

Exotic Crete Beaches: Gramvousa & Balos

- March 19, 2014

The Gulf of Kissamos on most northwest side of Crete, near the major city of Chania, is characterized by its collection of islets and beaches […]

Land of Centaurs: Mount Pelion

- March 16, 2014

In Greek mythology Mount Pelion, named after Achilles’ father King Peleus, was an area inhabited by the mysterious centaurs. Famous among these half men half […]

Experiencing the Beauty of Omalos

- March 14, 2014

Many tourists who find the hike down the magnificent Gorge of Samaria too challenging may want to consider staying at a lodge in Omalos, the […]

House of Culture: The Stathatos Mansion

- March 11, 2014

Located on the corner of Vasilissis Sophias Avenue and Irodotou Street in downtown Athens, the Stathatos Mansion houses temporary exhibits of the Museum of Cycladic […]

Askyfou’s Country Bread

- March 9, 2014

All the women in Askyfou (and the men, if truth be told,) agree that the cheese maker’s wife, Maria (God rest her soul), made the […]

Journey to Cultural Ioannina

- February 28, 2014

The beautiful nature, historic streets, and medieval castle of Ioannina make this city a magical place to visit in northwestern Greece. Reminiscent of a bygone […]