Cyprus Holiday: Sun, Sea, Sand – Desperation

- August 18, 2013

LARNACA, Cyprus – “How’s business?” the taxi driver shouts, echoing the question. “It’s terrible! Terrible!” Chris Georgeo, 52, is at the wheel of his beaten-up […]

Tourists Left In The Dark On Santorini

- August 16, 2013

Interior Minister Yiannis Michelakis and Tourism Minister Olga Kefaloyianni were due on Santorini on Aug. 16 to find out why power failures have left parts […]

A Glad Return To The Peloponnese

- August 4, 2013

We wouldn’t have thought of going to Greece except that one of our daughter’s best friends, Nefeli, was from there. “It’s fine outside Athens,” her […]

Live from Lithi: Burned But Beautiful

- July 4, 2013

CHIOS, GREECE – Americans of Greek descent and otherwise that have visited the Greek islands know that with rare exception, lush green countryside is nowhere […]