The Nautical Museum of Crete

- January 31, 2014

Housed within the entrance of the Venetian “Firka” fortress in Chania, the Nautical Museum of Crete was established in 1973. Its permanent exhibition of 2,500 […]

Winter Sail on the Greek Islands

- January 29, 2014

Unless you are a very creative person, very rich, or very lucky, it would be difficult to find a sense of freedom more exquisite than […]

Greco-Italia: Venetian Port of Chania

- January 26, 2014

Crete is without doubt one of the most famed and romantic islands of Greece, known for its hospitable and vibrant inhabitants, rich history, and countless […]

Vatousa, Lesbos: Owls Fall from Trees

- January 25, 2014

The island of Lesvos has several species of owls, but in the villages of Vatousa and Xidera you will find an inordinately large population of […]

The Port of Galaxidi

- January 24, 2014

About a two and a half hour drive from Athens, the port of Galaxidi in the region of Fokida is a popular weekend destination for […]

Tsigoudia in Crete

- January 21, 2014

As the first rays of sunlight warm the field, I look toward the Lefa Ori mountain range and see the procession of men and women […]

Asi Gonia: Blessing of the Sheep

- January 20, 2014

In the orthodox religion, every profession has a saint and shepherding is no exception.  Saint George is the patron saint of shepherds and every year […]

Fish Pedicures Quite Trendy in Greece

- January 18, 2014

Spa meets the fish bowl! Fish spas are one of the latest fads popping up around Greece as an alternative skincare treatment. At these spas, visitors […]

Art Meets Drink at Taf Bar in Athens

- January 17, 2014

Bearing just a letter “T,” TAF Bar’s otherwise unmarked entrance remains discrete to passersby on the outside, but a walk through reveals what is hidden […]

Winter Hiking on the Island of Kea

- January 15, 2014

In my many decades of traveling to Greece, I have spent some winter months in Athens, but never on an island.  I want to do […]