The Wild Herbs of Crete

- June 30, 2014

The journey over the steep and narrow mountain roads of Crete to arrive in the mountainous Kallikratis Plateau at The Wild Herbs of Crete can […]

The Pink Palace in Corfu

- June 28, 2014

Imagine flying into Athens and taking a connecting flight to Corfu. Being whisked by cab to a sleepy little town on the Western Coast called […]

Space for Art and Wine

- June 27, 2014

One enters the Art Space Winery of Santorini in Exo Gonia through an underground cavern eight meters below the earth’s surface.  Its carved chambers of […]

Kea: Treasure Island

- June 25, 2014

One of the largest of the Cycladic islands, Kea, also popularly known as Tzia, is a lush green spot dipped in sparkling aquamarine waters. It’s […]

In Rhodes, a Magical Valley of Butterflies

- June 20, 2014

Every year in a magical setting, thousands of tiger moths – known by their scientific name as Panaxia quadripunctaria – gather in a natural park […]

Koufonisia – Mediterranean Utopia

- June 18, 2014

Fine sand tickles your toes…the soothing sound of waves casts its spell as you stare entranced into crisp turquoise waters, and there, somewhere there in […]

The Dazzling Dodecanese

- June 14, 2014

Adored since ancient times, the splendor and allure of the Dodecanese will capture your heart. Located in the Southeast Aegean on the eastern border of […]

Exploring Naxos

- June 13, 2014

Traditional island music and dance, lush green valleys, and a mystical ancient atmosphere define Naxos, the largest of the Cycladic Islands in the Aegean Sea. […]