Cyprus Prosecutes Bank Failures

- February 21, 2014

Nearly a year after asking for an international bailout with its economy on the edge of collapse, Cyprus will start going after the people who caused it.

Cyprus Capital Controls Through 2014

- February 15, 2014

NICOSIA – Cyprus’ central bank chief says he expects all restrictions on bank money transfers and withdrawals to be lifted by the end of the […]

Cyprus Telecoms, Utilities, On Strike

- February 14, 2014

NICOSIA – Workers at Cyprus’ state-owned telecommunications and electricity authorities went on strike for 24 hours to protest government plans to privatize the state-owned enterprises. […]

Cyprus Will Ease Capital Controls

- February 11, 2014

Almost a year after Cyprus put daily limits on withdrawals to prevent a run on the banks following the confiscation of 47.5 percent of accounts […]

U.S. Backs Cyprus On Energy

- February 7, 2014

The U.S. State Department, breaking from its usual support for Turkey, said it sides with Cyprus’ exploration for energy reserves off the coast and criticized […]

Bad Loans Bury Cypriot Banks

- February 6, 2014

Banks in recession-hit Cyprus, reeling from a financial crisis, are struggling with non-performing loans that make up nearly half their lending and are hampering efforts […]

New Troika Review For Cyprus

- January 29, 2014

While President Nicos Anastasiades was in Qatar wooing investors in a bid to help his country recover from a still-growing economic crisis caused by bad […]

Cypriots Turn To Illicit Firewood

- January 28, 2014

NICOSIA – A Cyprus Forestry Department official says illegal logging in the bailed-out island nation has picked up sharply as people turn to firewood to […]

Cyprus’ Economy Shrinks 5.5%

- January 23, 2014

Hammered by bank confiscations and austerity measures, Cyprus’ economy fell 5.5 percent in 2013, the finance ministry said – adding that it was good news […]