Visiting Hydra

- July 6, 2016

The island of Hydra is located in the Argo-Saronic Gulf, just off the coast of mainland Greece. A thin strip of water separates the island from Peloponnesos. […]

Kythira in the Ionian Islands

- June 28, 2016

Kythira, or Kythera, is an island of the Ionian chain, though it is further away from the more famous islands of the group, the island […]

Visiting Skyros

- June 21, 2016

Skyros, though perhaps not as well known as the other islands of the Sporades, is a relaxing destination in the Aegean. The southernmost of the […]

Visiting Ios in the Cyclades

- June 17, 2016

Ios, or Nios as the locals call it, is an island in the Cyclades located between Naxos and Santorini. Accessible by ferry boat from Piraeus, […]

Visiting Lipsi

- June 15, 2016

Lipsi or Lipsos is an island in the Dodecanese chain situated between Patmos and Leros and is a wonderful spot for those in search of […]

Kos- the Asclepeion

- June 9, 2016

The incredible beaches of Kos are not the only thing to visit on the Dodecanese island. The Asclepeion in Kos is where the ancient father […]

Crete- Spinalonga

- June 8, 2016

A small island off the coast of Crete, Spinalonga is a unique experience for those touring the Greek islands. With a remarkable history, from Venetian […]