Thessaloniki’s Byzantine Monuments

- October 5, 2014

  The waterfront city of Thessaloniki in northern Greece is famed for its cosmopolitan character, diverse cultural history, and old-fashion charm. Thessaloniki is also host […]

Autumn in Greece

- October 3, 2014

When the summer sun has withdrawn its blazing rays and things begin to cool down, the beautiful autumn season unfurls throughout Greece. If you get […]

The Explosive Taste of Santorini

- September 29, 2014

A top Greek destination famed for its unique natural formations and romantic Cycladic island aura, Santorini is home to a number of local delicacies that […]

Medieval Times on Chios

- September 25, 2014

Celebrated for its rare and indigenous mastic tree, the island of Chios in the northeastern Aegean Sea to this day maintains a romantic flair reminiscent […]

The Koraes Library of Chios

- September 21, 2014

A center celebrating arts and culture, the public Koraes Library of Chios is one of the largest in Greece and home to a number of […]

The Colors of Santorini’s Beaches

- September 17, 2014

Part of the dazzling Cyclades, Santorini rivals Mykonos in popularity and has this summer attracted more tourists than ever according to the locals. It’s a […]

The Cave of Antiparos

- September 14, 2014

There’s no visit to the islands of Antiparos or Paros complete without a walk through the famous cave of Antiparos. Home to the oldest-known stalagmite […]