New Brooklyn BP Adams Marks March 25

- March 27, 2014

BROOKLYN – A Brooklyn tradition more than two decades old honoring the timeless values of Greek civilization, the 193rd anniversary of Greek independence, and the […]

AHEPA Chapter 41 Parade Party

- March 26, 2014

Chapter 41, The Brooklyn Chapter, will host its annual pre-Greek parade Eleftheria Gala at the Renaissance Event Hall in Astoria on March 28.

Why is Kiriakou in Jail, Not Panetta?

- March 26, 2014

By John Kiriakou [John Kiriakou’s wife, Heather, on his behalf, authorized TNH to publish this piece, which he wrote. It was also published on March […]

Greek Independence Day Feted in Queens

- March 25, 2014

ASTORIA – Greek-Americans and philhellenes know that the parade is around the corner when the political leaders in the Borough of Queens host their annual […]

Denver Orthodox Clergy Syndesmos

- March 24, 2014

By Dr. Constantina Michalos BOULDER, CO – Our priests are there to serve God and His people. They offer guidance and spiritual support through difficult […]

Frangoulis Dazzles in NY – UPDATED

- March 24, 2014

NEW YORK – Mario Frangoulis launched his latest North American tour with an eclectic concert in multiple languages that delighted his fans at the Rose […]