Letter to the Editor: On Republican Presidents

FILE - The June 10, 1984 file photo shows Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, second left, standing with, West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, left, U.S. President Ronald Reagan, second right, and Britain's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at London's Buckingham Palace, prior to a dinner for summit leaders. (AP Photo, file)

To the Editor:

I am writing about editorial after editorial about Mr. Scaros’ praise of Trump. I am tired of hearing how good he is doing and walks on top of water. Let me tell him about past Republican presidents- Reagan, who in 1980 went to a cemetery in Germany where SS officers were buried and paid homage; Richard (Watergate) Nixon who also had a black list against his critics; George (Weapons of Mass Destruction) Bush who sent men and women to fight and get killed and maimed in Iraq, when he in 1968 joined the Texas Air National Guard to avoid combat in Vietnam. When he dies, those killed and maimed will be his judge and jury.

To sum it up, these clowns- Trump, Reagan, Nixon, and Bush- couldn’t tie FDR’s shoe laces. I rest my case.

Andy Lampros

Danvers, MA


  1. Mr Trump is not a politician Andy he is a businessman on the world stage. Politicians in both parties are mostly there for personally glory and profit advancing there carriers and lives while serving the interests of the highest donors. Politicians believe anyone we do business with is our friend and whoever doesn’t do business with us is our sworn enemy. Trump was voted in to shake up the establishment not only among our own politicians here at home but around the world. He is doing exactly what he was voted in to do. The incompetence of Obama and the dishonesty of the Clintons made Trump President. As a businessman I’ve seen my taxes go down, my profits rise, and I’ve been able to grow my business and hire more people thanks to his tax breaks. It is a breath of fresh air to have a non-politician in there, as un-orthodox as he may be. Not everyone thinks like you do about the President and you are entitled to your opinion without offending me. I personally have to agree with Mr. Scaros.

    1. Well said, Jeffrey….and I completely agree with your response to Andy! However, I do agree with Andy, that the republican party…is made up of degenerate sadist…like the entire Bush family, McCain , lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Bob Corker, Bob Flake Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, C.I.A Directors like John Brennan, who should be in leavenworth for orchestrating the greatest scam on the American people ….to wage war on the world ….and kill over 31/2 million people in the Middle East and threatening to provoke a Nuclear war with the Russian Federation, in order to fulfill their White Supremacist Aristocracy plans to globally dominate the economic, political and military of all independent countries of the world…in order to impose and implement their form of Tyranny! However, Andy, seems to have a lapse in memory….in that he should be reminded….that the democratic party and their leaders are complicit white supremacist Aristocratic Degenerates like Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Victoria Nuland, Lorretta lynch, Nancy Pelosi, etc etc… .who have agreed on only one thing together with their degenerate colleagues, and that is the Global objectives highlighted above…and like these degenerates in the Republican party…..could care less about the consequences to human life in this planet……and which Vera’s apparently understands….and suggest we find another planet!
      Let me help you Andy….. if you still don’t understand what Jeffrey Driver….brilliantly wrote! Donald Trump….. was elected by the people of the United States…to clean out the very corrupt members of the Republican and Democratic Party….called the swamp, Deep State, Organized crime members, Atheist, who represent White Supremacist Aristocrates who believe they are entitled to kill as many people of the world as necessary….to take control of the sovereignty of independent countries of the world and put them in control of the economic, political , and military of every country of the world. Additionally, they believe …..that they are entitled to punish anybody who refuses to surrender their sovereignty, and place them under the protective custody of the United States and Nato, by bombing , invading, and destroying those countries. That is why….they are dropping at least one bomb on a country of the world every 12 minutes! That is why….they have 800 bases in the countries of the world.and have 22 aircraft carriers armed with Nuclear weapons patroling the world! Russia has one aircraft carrier and 1 base….so much for the threat to peace in the world by Russia!

      So much for Andy’s …indictment of just the Republican party….when Democratic Degenerate Lyndon B. Johnson….President of the United States complied with the mission of the United States by killing and injuring 3!/2 million Vietnamese civilians to fulfill another White Supremacist Aristocracy to take over another country of the world. Maybe, Andy, should read the Pentagon Papers and find out how a democratic degenerate orchestrated the attrocities and lies of the Media to impose war crimes on an entire nation …of inferior species, because a bunch of Aristocrates …knew what was best for them!

      Maybe, Andy….should look at another Democratic President known as William Clinton..who lied to the American people to dismember Yugoslavia and add the partitioned territories to Nato…and satisfy the financial contribution of Saudi Arabia…who would go on to be biggest contributor to the Clinton Foundation to Fund the election of Hillary Clinton.

      Maybe, Andy, you should highlight another legend of the Democratic Party…Barack Obama, who with the Queen of financial Prostitutions. Hillary Clinton…destroyed the lives of the people of libya, and funded ISIS crazies to overthrow another country of the Middle East ….Syria. Maybe Andy…you can explain how 1 billion dollars of the U.S. Treasury…was used with the approval of Barack Obama by the C.I.A. to arm Sunni Muslim Jihadist of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE to recruit , train, and arm them to not fight ISIS,but continue a war to overthow the government of Syria…and murder thousands of Christian Orthodox in Damascus! Maybe Andy…you can explain how your idols in the democratic party…which are now knows as Neo Liberals…but really, just extreme and closet International Communist run by those White Supremacist Billinaires …who act as the new proletariat…to decide on who gets bombed, and who can be allowed to manage the countries of the world …just like Mr. Tsipras of Greece!

      No Andy….you are no different than the Crazed George Soros, who will like to hide the contribution of the members of the democratic party to the Global cause of this International alliance of crazed White Supremacist….of crazed communist, fascist and degenerate freaks they have hand selected positions in every department of the government of the United States…..and Nato…to execute the biggest hijacking of the democracies of the world , which has been on full display since the election of Donald Trump!

      Yesterday, Donald Trump…The President of the United States and the American People met with President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin……to discuss significant issues relative to the world, and to improve relations between the two largest military powers of the world…which thanks to the degenerates of the U.S government…and in compliance with their efforts to punish anybody who interferes with their march to Global dominance has brought us to potential nuclear war….where the people of the United States….will have no second chance to stop the degenerate war mongers and demented human beings of the Democratic and Republic party who are determined to evoke war on the world, to reduce the population and leave them with complete control of whatever their is left!

      However, what we witnessed in response to this summit by the white Supremacist aristocrates who are the support propaganda vehicle of their billionaire Aristocrates who own the government of the United States…was nothing less….than animals attempting to sabotage an effort to maintain world peace and instead provoke hostilities betweem the United States and Russia! Importantly, it exposed why and who is running this country….and must be destroyed!

      We witnessed the most fanatical evil cult of degenerates …in the media and congress, somehow, calling Donald Trump …a traitor for doing what he promised the electorate who elected him… we need to improve relations with Russia, and we should not maintain a policy of Regime changes of foreign countries …like Syria! Of course he is a traitor to this select bunch of White Supremacist Aristocrates and their prostitute Congressman! Paul Ryan… the Republican traitor to all Republicans….states…Russia is not an ally of the United States, and will never be….”because they do not have the same values of the now totalitarian government of the United States” But Mr. Ryan….does not mention ….that he considers Saudi Arabia an ally of the United States…who have the worst human rights record in the world, is currently bombing the poorest country in the world …and accumulating the worst war crime record in Yemen, and is a country where “Freedom of Religion” does not exist” John McCain calls Mr. Trump …a traitor…when he is dying from the “Cancer of Conflict” where he leads the congress in submitting 76 legislative requests to provide arms to any Crazies like Al Queda , ISiS, and the Sunni Muslim brigades who are killing Christians thruout Syria! If John McCain is the king of evil, then Hillary Clinton is his Queen….and explains the lover fest between them …in attempting to demean Donald Trump!
      …and hopefully, he is the solution. Our countries only hope …is this guy is true to his word…and wiY countries and fulfill the interest of the Billionaire White Supremacist who have purchase the entire government of the United States and their Vassal boys in Nato!

      If you cannot see or understand…the depth of the corruption, and an organized crime family operating our country …which Donald Trump is dealing with….then you have to be brain dead! You watched CNN tell the American people…..that they were disgusted with their President meeting with the Russian Federation , who has not attacked one American citizen, bombed any American, imposed economic warfare on America, is fighting allegedly a common enemy of America…called ISIS, which is allegedly our enemy…and is why we allegedly invaded Syria.and currently occupy territories of Syria!
      So Russia is killing those enemies of Americans in Syria, who according to the Pentagon and Congress are threats to the security and peace of the American People! They are disgusted with the President for meeting with the leader of a country who can end ….generations of lives in American, that no one can do in the world, if provoked and misunderstood! This is the treason of the media , in deliberately understating this reality …in order to promote the hostile and reckless foreign policies against Russia based on lies and distortions!

      How hilarious! they condemn Mr. Trump for not believing a cult member C.I.A intelligence report suggesting, but without hard evidence …that Russian operatives had hacked into the corrupt DNC computers to get information which indict Hillary Clinton for tons of Crimes…but thanks to the degenerates …. have buried the real truth, by distracting Americans of who the real criminals are! Yet , these crack inteligence genius who are known as liars, just read the Pentagon Papers….are the same guys who told George Bush Jr. that weapons of mass destruction were in Iraq…which led to the murder of 600,000 Iraqis!
      Wake up Andy….you should be asking for the prosecution of all these guys, and the media heads….for commiting crimes against peace…and inciting wars based on fake news!

      Thank you Jeffrey Driver…and welcome to the informed!

      Michael Gianakos

  2. Learn something: Republicans have more children and vote against Greece. Please find another planet.

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