Greek Property Taxes Up 800%

- November 26, 2013

The devastating effect of harsh austerity measures has hit Greek property owners especially hard with statistics showing they are paying almost eight times more than […]

Greece, Troika Tango Goes On

- November 26, 2013

ATHENS – Greece is racing to complete reforms and get a pending one billion euro installment from international lenders released before taking over the symbolic […]

Greek Banks Can Cover Bad Loans

- November 25, 2013

ATHENS – With default rates running as high as 42 percent, recapitalized Greek banks have enough bailout funds to cover losses from bad loans, the […]

Greece Makes Troika Back Off

- November 24, 2013

Even before Greece’s international lenders began to back off from pressing for more austerity measures, there were signs that the government’s hard line against more […]

Samaras Tells Merkel No Budget Gap

- November 22, 2013

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, visting Berlin, told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that despite claims by international lenders that there’s a big gap in the […]