Beef Asparagus Wraps

- May 11, 2015

With asparagus plentiful this time of year, try to find local as it will be fresher and more tender. These wraps are low in calories […]

Maple Butternut Pie

- May 7, 2015

An alternative to traditional pumpkin pie, this uses butternut squash. Add the classic taste of maple to it and you have a fantastic combination! Serves […]

Rodi Smoothie

- May 6, 2015

  Pomegranate is so good for you! So may vitamins and antioxidants make it into this smoothie. Replace your breakfast with this smoothie for energy […]

Ancient Berry Kamut Salad

- April 30, 2015

At one time, quinoa was unknown or recognized. Kamut is an up and coming ancient berry that is full of protein and nutrients. It has […]