Cyprus-Russia Closer Ties Irk US

- March 3, 2015

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades’ visit to Moscow is creating more tension with his allies, especially the United States.

Anastasiades Furious Over US Tweet

- March 2, 2015

Cyprus’ President has rebuked the U.S. Ambassador for a Tweet he claims linked his visit to Russia to the assassination of opposition figure Boris Nemtsov.

After Deal, Russia Offers Cyprus Aid

- February 26, 2015

With an agreement to let Russian ships dock in Cyprus, President Vladimir Putin said he will help the crisis-struck island with additional aid.

Cyprus Signs Military Deal With Russia

- February 25, 2015

Cyprus on Feb. 25 signed a deal with Russia allowing its navy ships to make regular port calls on the island, further tightening ties.

Anastasiades Hopes For Russian Deals

- February 23, 2015

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades will head to Moscow on Feb. 25 looking for an economic boost after meeting President Vladimir Putin.

Cyprus Tells Greece: Deal With Troika

- February 17, 2015

Cyprus, being supported by bailout loans from international lenders, has urged Greece’s new government to make a deal with them as well.

Cyprus Says No Russian Bases

- February 9, 2015

Despite its closeness with Moscow, Cyprus will not allow Russian air or naval military bases on the island, Foreign Minister Ioannis Kassoulides said.

Tsipras Backs Cyprus Reunity Talks

- February 2, 2015

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, choosing Cyprus for his first visit, said he would support the country’s efforts to reach a reunification settlement.

Cyprus Unity Talks Going Wrong Way

- January 14, 2015

A UN envoy says deadlocked talks to reunify ethnically split Cyprus are “moving in the wrong direction” amid a dispute over energy rights.