Zak Kostopoulos, Who Lost Life in Athens Jewelry Store, Was Born in U.S.

The central Athens jewellery shop on Gladstonos Street. (Photo by Eurrokinissi/Tatiana Bollari)

ATHENS – Born in the United States to Greek parents, 33-year-old Zak (Zacharias) Kostopoulos lost his life on September 21 at a jeweler’s shop on Gladstonos Street in Omonoia. Kostopoulos lived in the U.S. until he was 8 years old when his parents decided to move the family back, permanently, to their village of Itea Fokidas.
In an earlier online interview Kostopoulos said that his parents’ choice to return to Greece had cost him his childhood.

“Being eight years old and going from America, not just to Greece, but to a village in Greece, it’s a huge change, a cultural shock,” the late Kostopoulos said.

On Friday, September 21, the police reported a robbery at a jewelry store in Omonoia in which the alleged perpetrator was fatally injured in an attempt to escape through the shop window.

This announcement, however, began to be questioned after the release of video showing the man being beaten by the shop owner and another passer-by while trying to get out of the broken window of the store.


    1. Just returned to the US from Athens greece yesterday. Saw where this happened. Addiction seems to be a problem there regardless of where the addicted was raised. Very sad. Feel for the owner of the store as well, but it seems unnecessary in this case for the robber to be kicked to death.

  1. It’s a shame he had to die but what else was the store owner supposed to do? I would’ve done worse to him if it were me at least these guys only kicked him

    1. Whatever the guy did, the store owner was not supposed to kick him to death! What ‘worse’ than killing him would you have done?

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