Jewellery Shop Owner Arrested for Death of Alleged Thief

The central Athens jewellery shop on Gladstonos Street. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Yorgos Kontarinis)

ATHENS – Greek police on Saturday arrested the owner of a central Athens jewellery shop on Gladstonos Street after the death of a man that he had caught trying to steal from his shop the previous day. Police made the arrest based on CCTV video footage showing the shop owner and an unknown individual repeatedly kicking the victim, who is believed to have been a drug addict.

In his attempt to escape them, the trapped robber smashed through the shop’s plate-glass window and sustained serious injuries. He was rushed to Evangelismos Hospital in an ambulance where he died shortly after arrival.

The shop owner has been led before a public prosecutor and charged with deliberately inflicting serious bodily harm, as well as criminal charges of inflicting deadly bodily harm. The case file was then referred to a regular examining magistrate, who gave the accused until Tuesday to prepare his testimony.

Police are examining the evidence in the case, including the videos.

The central Athens jewellery shop on Gladstonos Street. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Yorgos Kontarinis)

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  1. When you have lawlessness this is what results, not the shop owners but the thief, Athina full of drug addicts, getting their by stealing, do the crime suffer the consequences..seen 2 versions of video, the write ups made it worse that it appeared, yes he was kicked many times, bystanders did intervene, astynomia came he grabbed a large shard of glass and was running away, fell over a table, the cops did hit him a few times with their batons, but not a clubbing, you will see it was either the drugs or he got cut very bad and bled out..No shots fired, No stun guns-would be good for Greek police to be armed with gun and stun gun., “Death By Crime” sorry criminals fault 100%. Let SYRIZA take in all these great addicts and live with and support them enough already. Its a shame people get addicted and resort to such things, and resulted in his death, but honest people should not be victims too..,

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