Hellenic American, American Jewish Groups in US Congress Promote Lifting Arms Sales to Cyprus

The United States Capitol in Washington, DC. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

WASHINGTON (ANA/P. Kasfikis) – This is the second day of the two-day conference organised by the Hellenic American Leadership Council (HALC) and the American Jewish Council (AJC), with a focus on promoting issues related to the two communities.

The conference is celebrates the 5th anniversary of the founding of the Congressional Hellenic Israel Alliance (CHIA). CHIA consists of a group of deputies joining forces in 2013 to further promote cooperation between Greece, Cyprus and Israel through the activities of the US Congress.

The three key issues addressed by the HALC and AJC representatives were the lifting of the embargo on the sale of American arms in Cyprus, the freezing of the delivery of the F-35 fighter aircraft to Turkey, and the further development of Israel’s diplomatic relations with other countries, on the occasion of the country’s 70th anniversary of independence.

The majority of members of Congress seemed to agree that Turkey is playing a destabilizing role in the southeastern Mediterranean and that it’s necessary to continue efforts for further development of diplomatic relations of Israel since a considerably large number of countries still does not recognize its existence. However, a small minority expressed reservations about lifting the embargo on Cyprus, arguing that such a move could further disrupt the already tense US relations with Turkey.

In this respect, HALC and AJC members argued that Cyprus was forced to resort to the Russian defense industry for arms, which led to an increase in Russian influence on the island, and recalled the considerable help that the country has offered to the war against terrorism, which seemed to spur the interest of Republican politicians in particular.

Speaking to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA), HALC Executive Director Eddie Zeemidis explained that the Greek-Israeli Alliance in Congress now places Greek issues on a wider basis, linking them directly with national security issues at the heart of American political interest.

“The cooperation and joint initiatives of the AJC and HALC are very important because they place Greek national issues within a broader framework. We do not consider them exclusively Greek issues. In this broader context their importance for US national security becomes more apparent. As we observed in our panels, the greatest challenges for the US in the region will probably not be solved if Greece, Cyprus and Israel do not play some role,” noted Zemenides.


  1. Do not forget Gene Rossides got the Turk Arms embargoed through his mentor Jake Javits and Flushing’s Ben Rosenthal. (New Lobby in Town: The Greeks TIME Magazine Monday, Jul. 14, 1975) Do not forget the Greeks, Armenians and Jews suffered together as Rayas. (INSIST THAT TURKEY BE DISMEMBERED: Representatives of Armenians, Greeks, and Jews Discuss National Aspirations New York Times 17 Feb 1919: p.6.) Do not forget that Hitler mentor and Black Tom NJ saboteur Franz von Pappen directed the Armenian massacres. (GERMAN DIRECTED THE TURKS AT VAN: Dr. Yarrow Says New York Times 06 Oct 1915: p, 3.) Do not forget it was Henry Mopgenthau who documented the massacres of Greeks and Armenians (SAYS GERMANS AIDED ARMENINAN KILLINGS: Morgenthau Tells Hero Land Audience of Help Given to Turks by Officers. New York Times 11 Dec 1917: p. 13.)

  2. Let’s be clear….. the HALC is nothing more than some of the other “secret society” alleged Hellenic organizations …a .front for Neocon right wing Masons…who promote any actions of the United States, including war crimes, genocide, apartheid and crimes against peace, as long as it is owned by the United States Government! There own statements indict them for who they represent…..and it is not the Greeks of Cyprus, Greece, or America!:

    ” We do not consider them exclusively Greek issues. In this broader context their importance for US national security becomes more apparent. As we observed in our panels, the greatest challenges for the US in the region will probably not be solved if Greece, Cyprus and Israel do not play some role,” noted Zemenides.

    Lets translate what Mr. Zemenides is telling us….in supporting the anti-Russian Narrative and policy of the State Department of the United States which includes obstructing and eliminating any influence and relationship with any independent countries of the world with Russia, China, Iran, Syria ….because they are a threat to the world and are enemies of the United States…..the country of Cyprus should stop buying weapons from Russia, and buy them from the United States!

    So Mr. Zemenides….has just declared that the Greeks of Cyprus, Greece and America….. and as represented by HALC….. consider Russia to be enemies of all Greeks, and should maintain an adversarial relationship….because the Fascist Leader of Nato and the current occupiers of Cyprus ….Nato members, Britain and Turkey have decreed so! How does that help solve the problem …..of the people of Cyprus?

    How does stopping the selling of arms to Cyprus by Russia ….support the people of the Greek populations of Greece, Cyprus and America, when the HALC cannot stop the United States from selling 100 F-35 advanced Jet fighters, probably the Patriot anti-ballistic missile system, and since, the invasion of Cyprus in 1974 have been rewarded for their actions by being armed to the Teeth ….by Nato war criminal Germany, United Kingdom and the United States. By the way…. did I forget to mention….they currently and in violation of Nuclear Proliferation treaties…..maintaining and storing 20 Nuclear warheads in Turkey…for emergency use!

    Spare me you self proclaimed representation of Hellenic interest, when you are merely, just another tool of the United States and Israel….. to justify the war crimes bombing and murder of 31/2 million people of the Middle East to loot and control the resources of independent countries of the world not compliant to the interests of the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and United Kingdom! All this built on the myth….that they have a right to do anything….because they are Exceptional People…..and that is what defines White Supremacist Tyrants

    We have seen how Israel and its War criminal Netanyahu with the United States …solves regional problems….just ask the Orthodox and Catholic Christians clergy of Syria, Iraq, libya , etc etc

    Maybe, you didn’t notice, we have been told that another enemy of Israel…..and the United States…Iran, must be destroyed on orders of Mr. Netanyahue…..therefore, the political prostitutes of Washington…have just demonstrated to the world….that their are no International laws, agreements, or contracts supported by the International community that exist ….. which the United States and Israel will not betray….even if it betray humanity and peace!

    When you add the war crimes bombing and destruction of Iraq, libya, Syria, etc,etc….the actions on behalf of the Jewish state of Israel…..will be considered and under Nuremburg Judgements and principle which was the most significant charge in sending the German Nazis to the Gallows…..a “CRIME AGAINST PEACE”

    And that is not from me….but as proclaimed by the citizens of the world, and added as further evidence to their indictments as follows:

    “The Greatest danger and threat to world peace …..is the United States of America”

    International Gallup Poll of the countries of the World- 2014 and 2018

    Russia is not even in the top 10, but Israel was! You won’t see this advertised by the compliant media.

    However, I commend the Jewish representatives of Israel…at least they represent the interest of Israel, while the boys from Halc represent the interests of Masons!

    Michael Gianakos

  3. If he doesn’t like USA, Muckhole Junkhose is free to leave. Before we send him to Gitmo.

    1. Nancy dearest….the last time I heard your kind of rhetoric….is when, I was attending an anti-Vietnam war rally sponsored by Vietnam Veterans in the 1960’s by Neo- Nazi and John Birch.secret society organizations. In those days….they didn’t threaten us with prison…. just leave the country….which many did…. !

      I have a scoop for you though…. it was people like you who should have gone to levanworth prison, who supported the same fascist policies that are back in business today…. with the help of the same secret societies and lobbyist who injured or murdered 3 1/2 million Vietnamese. Apparently, ….you and your secret societies and lobbyist are now following the degenerate script of portraying Russia as a hostile threat to the people of Cyprus…and telling them who their enemies should be…and sort of like Mr. Netanyahue coming to America to tell us , they must destroy Syria and Iran…because they are our enemies….even though they have never harmed any Americans….on the contrary….the U;S. and Israel have shot down an Iranian commercial airliner killing 325 people in international waters, and the Israeli bombed a Nuclear reactor being built way back in 1980, because it was in the interests of the State of Israel!

      Importantly Nancy, the Truth of your crimes, came out with the release of the Pentagon Paper by a heroic Daniel Elsberg- who released the results of a report commissioned by Robert McNamara , then secretary of defense and coordinator of the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, Mr. McNamara got more than he ever dreamed…which highlighted lies , frame up, attrocities and blatant provocations to impose war in Vietnam! This brought validation to the charges against these degenerate war criminals, and lying to the American people…and lead to the famous quote by Daniel Elsberg…

      “It is a Tribute to the American People that their leaders and representatives perceived it necessary to lie to them to wage war, however, it is not a tribute to the Public, that they could so easily be fooled”

      Nancy dearest…spare me your indignations…. go back and tell your favorite Secret society….that they merely are payed traitors of the American people…by promoting the Russian Federation ….as sort of some evil empire…that we should hate and make enemies! We have seen this act in Vietnam, Yugoslavia, libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen etc etc. which have one thing in common….they have never threatened the security and peace of the American People!

      And the world is beginning to understand the systematic corruption that has taken over our democracy.

      Michael Gianakos

  4. America was always Christian Zionist. Until they met up with “Greek” antisemitism, they were also Christian Hellenists. Corrie ten Boom, America’s Mother Theresa said : “You can’t love Jesus without loving the Jewish people.” Columbus set sail with shiploads of Jews the day after the Spanish Inquisition expelled Jews. The Plymouth Pilgrims were followers of Cromwell who brought the Jews back to England. American Democracy (1 Sam 8, L A Times Jan 27 1918 Rev Herbert Booth Smith, p.III-20) and Capitalism (Gen 2:12) is from the Jews. God helps those who help the Jews. Constantine the Great was a Christian Zionist when he recognized Gemaliel IV as Partiarch of Israel. Catherine the Great was a Christian Zionist and Christian Hellenist when she invited Greeks and Jews to plot their national regeneration from newly liberated Odessa.

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