Greek Fare Dodger Crackdown Pays Off

- December 27, 2013

ATHENS – The Greek public transportation system, which uses paper tickets for validation, has been so overrun with fare dodgers that an increase in inspectors […]

Greeks Turning in License Plates

- December 25, 2013

Unable to afford the high cost of circulation passes required to keep their cars on the road, thousands more Greeks have unregistered their cars as […]

The Living Ain’t Easy in Greece

- December 24, 2013

ATHENS – Greece’s crushing economic crisis isn’t just statistics: it’s personal. Stories of hardship abound during record unemployment and poverty with the state statistics agency […]

Greek Stocks Up 45% in 2013

- December 23, 2013

While past investors have been burned badly playing the Athens Stock Exchange, this year – even during a crushing economic crisis – it has been […]

Greece, Turkey Building Money Bridge

- December 22, 2013

While some tensions remain over religious issues and the ongoing mock dogfights when Turkish fighter pilots routinely violate Greek air space, Greece and Turkey are […]

Greek Jockeys Demand Privatization

- December 22, 2013

ATHENS – Greece hasn’t seen many demonstrations in favor of privatization during its acute four-year financial crisis, but jockeys are keen to be rid of […]

Greece Urged to Dilute Olive Oil

- December 20, 2013

KALO PEDI, Greece  – It was used to groom ancient Olympic athletes and remains a widely used modern staple in Greece’s diet. But olive oil […]