Letter to the Editor: Regarding Greek Festivals

(Photo by TNH/Costas Bej)

To the Editor:

Regarding “The Greek Festivals, and a Suggestion”, many of the members of the Greek Orthodox Church look forward to volunteering for the festival. I have been a volunteer since I was child and look forward not only to my festival but other Greek Festivals. We receive so much from our church. My children attend and have attended Sunday School, Greek School, Volleyball, Bible Camp, Olympics, they visited Saint Basil’s, visited the Seminary, attended many dances, and so much more. My children look forward to helping out in the Festival to try to give a little back. Many of our Churches are in financial problems because we as a community do not give as much as people of other faiths do. Festivals offer great outreach to people who are not Orthodox and those who have stopped coming to Church on a consistent basis.

John Papas

Dumont, NJ

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