George Kyriakopoulos on His Career and Upcoming Projects

August 23, 2021

NEW YORK – Greek-American George Kyriakopoulos is an award-winning actor, director, producer, and singer. Born in Queens, NY, to a father from Patras and mother from Athens, Kyriakopoulos, 32, spoke with The National Herald about his career, his Greek heritage, and his latest projects.

TNH: Did you always want to go into acting/filmmaking?

George Kyriakopoulos: I never thought I would get into acting. I began my career singing and touring the country singing and DJ-ing. It wasn’t until my cousin who was a film student at the New School asked me to help behind the scenes and be an actor in one of her projects. I got a taste and I wanted more.

TNH: What inspires you the most in your work?

GK: I have two inspirations that drive me. Have you ever gone to the movies and saw a film or an actor in that film that was so good that you forgot about the real world for that moment? You wondered what it would be like to be in that world. My inspiration is to create something so special and amazing that it will let you forget about the stresses, the difficulties in your everyday life. Feel like you’re in it, too. And my second is my mother. Such a strong woman. Started out as a waitress raising two kids alone. She went to school and worked her way to becoming a principal, while dealing with some serious health issues. She broke the bar proving that anything is possible. To never give up. She’s the reason I have never given up.

TNH: Where in Greece is the family from originally?

GK: My father is from Patras and my mother is from Athens.

TNH: How does your Greek heritage influence your life and work?

GK: For a while, I never connected the two. I was more Americanized in my career and how I approached things. As I got older, I became more in touch with my Greek side. My family is very family-oriented, very smart, giving and all extremely hard workers. Now, I walk onto a set whether it’s mine or another filmmaker and that's how I approach everyone. Like family. Treat them and act on set as my family would in their everyday lives.

TNH: What is your latest project about?

GK: I recently wrapped a Marvel-based fan project called the Next Generation. It’s my take on the new Captain America. A true underdog who lost it all, but continues to fight for good, taking down some of his arch nemeses. The film has won 21+ awards internationally and counting. I always wanted to be a Marvel hero, so I wrote my own movie and the success is beyond what I could have imagined.

TNH: What are you working on next?

GK: The film did so well I decided to turn it into a series. Now, working alongside Greek-American actor George Zouvelos who is co-producing, co-directing and co-starring with me, we expand on the story of a hero taking down some of his arch nemesis Joe Hammerhead played by Zouvelos and the Kingpin played by Andrew Pichardo. We wanna show the Marvel fans a story right out of the comics. And I enjoy giving my friends and others chances to do what they love. We will continue to create together.

Also working on a horror film about true events, but that’s for another day.

More information is available online: https://www.georgekyriakopoulos.com.

Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/georgevocals/.


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