The Kurds and American Foreign Policy

- August 13, 2004

There is an old saying among Kurds in Northern Iraq that predicts: *#8220;Kurds are born to be betrayed.*#8221; This dark proverb underscores the numerous times […]

Nia Vardalos: True Love and Lots of Laughs

- June 18, 2004

Following the surprising success of *#8216;My Big Fat Greek Wedding,*#8217; Nia Varalos turned into a Hollywood player. In her new film, *#8216;Connie and Carla,*#8217; directed […]

The Game of Intelligence

- June 18, 2004

The resignation of George Tenet has brought to the forefront the complex and all too often shadowy world of intelligence. Unlike most countries, the United […]

Cyprus: Whatand#8217;s next?

- May 7, 2004

In the eyes of the overwhelming majority of Greek Cypriots, the Annan Plan was not much of a deal. It did not meet their hopes […]

Light at the End of the Tunnel?

- May 7, 2004

In the midst of one piece of bad news after another coming out of Iraq, the first indication that someone has actually done something smart […]

Athenians Assess a Post-Referendum World

- May 7, 2004

ATHENS. – The defeat of the *#8220;Kofi Annan Plan*#8221; for the reunification of Cyprus surprised few people in Athens. Indeed, some were impressed that as […]

Cyprus Vote Offers Turkey Silver Lining

- April 30, 2004

NEW YORK. – A decades-long effort to reunite the Mediterranean island of Cyprus collapsed Saturday, with voters on the Greek side of the island rejecting […]