The Cyprus Foul-Up

- April 30, 2004

The following editorial appeared in the April 26 edition of the Wall Street Journal.It could have been one of the European Unions proudest days. Ending […]

In Coudersport, Support for Rigas Undiminished

- March 19, 2004

COUDERSPORT, Pa. – John J. Rigas refers to the past two years as *#8220;this terrible experience.*#8221;*#8220;Some days,*#8221; he says, *#8220;I get really depressed.*#8221;His riches and […]

Christian Fiction About Greece

- March 19, 2004

With the exception of the Renaissance scholars who fell in love with Greece, Christian commentators on Greece have never felt at ease with that country. […]

Winds of Change

- March 19, 2004

The victory of New Democracy caught the political pundits by surprise *#8211; at least to a degree.*nbsp; Most people calculated for the conservatives, but even […]

The U.N.and#8217;s Favorite Occupation

- March 12, 2004

*nbsp;*nbsp;*nbsp;*nbsp; On May 1, 2004, Cyprus will join the European Union. The island has been divided since the Turkish invasion in 1974, with a Turkish […]

Greece: Turning a New Page

- March 12, 2004

*nbsp;*nbsp;*nbsp;*nbsp; Costas Karamanlis is one of the youngest prime ministers in Modern Greek history. At 47, he takes over the heavy responsibilities of governing the […]

The Hellenic Code

- March 12, 2004

*nbsp;*nbsp;*nbsp;*nbsp; It is a common position among many Greek Orthodox faithful, including your readers, that Greek language and cultural programs in their Church are inconsistent […]