In order to stop Tsipras

- October 14, 2012

The much faster than expected rise in the popularity of SYRIZA, a collection of leftist, even radical parties and of Golden Dawn the neo-fasicist party, […]

2012 Presidential Race – Update

- October 11, 2012

In yet another example demonstrating that presidential debates do in fact matter, the most recent Gallup Poll showed that Mitt Romney had pulled even with […]

There are no saviors

- October 10, 2012

Saviors. Always, the Greeks look for saviors. Every time Greece undergoes a crisis, the people declare “he’s the one” and pin their hopes on him. […]

I remain undecided

- October 5, 2012

The right question is not who won the televised debate the other night but what did the voters learned from political theater in which both […]

Awaiting Dawn’s Twilight

- October 5, 2012

The uproar over the news of the spread of Golden Dawn – a fascist, albeit Greek Parliament-elected party – to New York has even made […]