The E.U. Constitutional Crisis

- June 9, 2005

European politicians and intellectuals conceived of the European Union out of the smoldering ruins of the Second World War. The rubble of bombed-out European cities […]

Itand#8217;s More Than Us They Hate

- June 3, 2005

Angst swirls unobstructed through most of the global village. Yet a modern Diogenes would not need to go far if he were to set out […]

1,362 Days: An Eye-Opener

- June 3, 2005

Hardly anyone seems to have noticed that, as of this Saturday, June 4, 1,362 days have passed since the terrorist attack on the World Trade […]

An Urgent Need to Correct Wrong Assumptions

- June 3, 2005

Greek-Turkish relations have been set on a course of superficial detente by two foreign Ministers with broad western education and Polish ancestry, George Papandreou of […]

Controversy Continues in Jerusalem

- April 8, 2005

JERUSALEM *#8211; The suspected deed hardly seems the stuff of an international dispute: the Greek Orthodox Church, a major landowner here, reportedly sold two modest, […]

A Tax Alternative? Why Not?

- April 8, 2005

If you are angry because you spent a lot of money on accountants, or if you are even more frustrated for spending many hours trying […]

Dr. Summers vs. a Mme. Curie from the Bronx

- April 8, 2005

The storm Harvard University President Dr. Lawrence Summers unleashed with his recent remarks might have been avoided by a bit of research, which would have […]

Disenfranchised Now Living in Earthquake Camps

- April 1, 2005

ATHENS *#8211;With more than 4,000 families, the camps have gone from being a temporary shelter for people rendered homeless by the September 1999 earthquake to […]