Greek Terrorists Get Out Of Jail Free

- January 18, 2014

This was the choice that convicted November 17 terrorist Christodoulos Xeros, 55, serving six life sentences for the murders of six people, including officials attached […]

The Rot Runs Deep

- January 14, 2014

It is certain that as we get closer to the May European Parliament and Greek municipal elections that the economic crisis will increasingly yield its place in

AGORA: Gay Talk Beyond Duck Dynasty

- January 12, 2014

From time to time an issue emerges and inspires various minds to converge, often at odds with one another, to discuss it. Hopefully, collective enlightenment […]

Hold Your Horses, Amb. Theros

- January 12, 2014

Ambassador Theros went a bit overboard in his praise of Secretary Kerry in his column, “If You Weren’t Thrilled with 2013, Just Wait until 2014” […]

The Endless Fanatic War Within Iran

- January 12, 2014

The Revolution of the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979 followed almost immediately by the Mujahedeen movement in Afghanistan inspired an Islamic awakening that has unfolded in […]

Who We Want To Fight In Mideast

- January 12, 2014

The appalling bloodshed in the Middle East has led many generally well-meaning Americans to demand that we “do something” about it. Many, and not just […]