Kiriakou: Letter from Loretto Jail

- February 15, 2014

Our exclusive interview with John Kiriakou – the former CIA agent who is serving a 30-month prison sentence in Loretto, PA – which was published […]

Disillusioned Dreamers?

- January 26, 2014

A sense of pessimism about the course of the country is reflected in a significant percentage of the American people in recent years, polls show. […]

Greece in the Mainstream Media

- January 26, 2014

I note with interest that after a considerable period of media frenzy, the American and international mainstream press essentially has stopped paying attention to Greece. […]

My Fallen Role Model: Dinesh D’Souza

- January 23, 2014

In reading about one role model, I adopted another one. But now, the second one’s image has been tarnished in my eyes, hopefully not beyond […]

The Tea May Be Losing its Flavor

- January 22, 2014

In commenting on a recent special election Republican primary in Florida to replace the late Congressman C.W. Bill Young (who died in October), Washington Post […]

Americans Don’t Trust Congress

- December 20, 2013

ANALYSIS A Gallup Poll conducted in early December reveals that among 22  professions, lobbyists and members of Congress rank below even car  salespeople in terms […]

No Xmas Without Humility and Hearth

- December 20, 2013

So  many images of Christmas come to mind, as  each city  and each group of people react differently to this  holiday – which St.  John […]

God’s Existence Through Parrot’s Mouth

- December 20, 2013

“Hi Bobby!” That is what my mother’s nearly-10 year-old Cockatiel Parrot – who, as you might have guessed, is named Bobby – mostly says, along […]