The Yankees Should Change Their Name

- June 21, 2014

“It is an offensive, derogatory name. A slur. Historically, it is a reflection of the oppression of one group of people by another.”

Politics of Disgust: The Bergdahl Case

- June 20, 2014

Rarely do we have a news event that causes politicians to downgrade from hypocrites into candidates for Dante’s Inferno. The Bergdahl case is the latest example.

Obama is Gerald Ford, Not Lincoln

- June 11, 2014

Americans, and Greek-Americans in particular, remember the name Spiro Agnew. His was the first high-level scandal of the Nixon Administration, one that came before Watergate. […]

Stop Looking for Silver Bullets

- May 7, 2014

By Amb. Patrick M. Theros Cyprus seems to have convinced itself that it found the silver bullet to keep Turkey at bay and make a […]

Nine Years Without Archbishop Iakovos

- April 14, 2014

At about 6 p.m. on April 10, 2005 Archbishop Iakovos took his final breath, in a simple suburban hospital room in Stamford, Connecticut. He was 94.