Debate: is Trump/Cruz 2016 the Plan?

- December 15, 2015

The state was set in Las Vegas on December 15, among frontrunner Donald Trump, somewhat close contenders Ben Carson, Senators Ted Cruz (TX) and Marco […]

Why Carson? Because He’s Gimmickless

- October 24, 2015

The journey of the 2016 presidential race is far from over – it’s even far from the halfway point – but it’s been going on […]

As a Child of St. Spyridon, I am Appalled

- October 9, 2015

I begin this piece by saying something complimentary about George Passias, who was presiding priest at the St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church in Washington Heights […]

The Non-Revolution Revolution

- October 4, 2015

Since the beginning of the Modern Greek state in 1821, the Greeks have been trying to establish a viable political system. Initially, many of the […]

SYRIZA and the Greek-Americans

- October 3, 2015

The last ten months have been a very confusing time for Greek-Americans who care about Greece, even those who can follow things closely. It was […]

In US Politics, “Out” is the New “In”

- September 29, 2015

Get ready for new frontrunners! The primary process in the United States makes for a much more fluid, dynamic, and effective screening mechanism than the […]