High Bar for Proof Limits Interest for Greek Citizenship Test
Greek Judges Cite Social Media Bullying Over Custody Cases
Trump's "Big Lie" Imperils Republicans Who Don't Embrace It
Woman in Athens Acid Attack Charged With Attempted Murder
Nervous Turkey Tries to Woo Egypt Away from Greek Influence

Some States Plan Big Spending with Biden's Aid, Others Wait

Though still awaiting money from the latest federal coronavirus relief act, some governors and state lawmakers already are making plans to add the multibillion-dollar boon to...

Job Market for New Grads: Much Hiring But Much Competition

After a painful year of joblessness, the future has finally brightened for Alycia St. Germain, a 22-year-old college senior at the University of Minnesota.

Nebraska Death Sentences Continue Despite No Execution Drugs

OMAHA, Neb. — Three times in the past four years, Nebraska prosecutors have sought death sentences, and each time they have been successful. Within a couple months,...

Turkish-Cypriots Leaders Opposing Unity Have Cypriot Passports

NICOSIA -- Nine leaders of the Turkish-Cypriot occupied side of Cyprus who don't recognize the legitimate Greek-Cypriot government that's a member of the European Union hold its passports, including leader Ersin Tatar.

Cyprus Will Scrap Text OK's Require "Coronapass" for Moving About

NICOSIA -- Moving to ease out of another lockdown aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19, Cyprus' government will end a requirement that people get permission on their cellphones to be outside their homes in favor of a so-called Coronapass.

Cypriots Will Need Tests Or Inoculation to Eat Out, Worship

NICOSIA — Cyprus unveiled on Thursday a phased rollback of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions over the next month, including a shortened curfew and a reopening of all schools next week.

China Says Most Rocket Debris Burned Up During Reentry

BEIJING — China's space agency said a core segment of its biggest rocket reentered Earth's atmosphere above the Maldives in the Indian Ocean and that most of it...

Vaccine Deserts: Some Countries Have No COVID-19 Jabs at All

N'DJAMENA, Chad — At the small hospital where Dr. Oumaima Djarma works in Chad's capital, there are no debates over which coronavirus vaccine is the best.

NASA Chief Big on Climate, Hedges on Moon Date

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA's new administrator is big on tackling climate and diversifying the agency's workforce, but hedging on whether the U.S. can put astronauts...

String of Satellites Baffles Residents, Bugs Astronomers

PHILADELPHIA — A string of lights that lobbed across the night sky in parts of the U.S. on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday had some people wondering if a fleet of UFOs was...

Street Parties Celebrate End of Spain's State of Emergency

BARCELONA, Spain — Impromptu street celebrations erupted across Spain as the clock struck midnight on Saturday, when a six-month-long national state of emergency to contain...

EU Doesn't Renew Order for AstraZeneca Vaccine

PARIS — The EU Commission did not renew its order for AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine, the European Union's Internal Market Commissioner said Sunday.

India's Double Whammy: Rising Cases, Few Shots

NEW DELHI — India opened vaccinations to all adults this month, hoping to tame a disastrous coronavirus surge sweeping the country, but since then the pace of administering...

Pakistan Is Struggling with a Third Surge of Coronavirus Cases

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Pakistan is struggling with a third surge of coronavirus cases, despite a complete closure of all business and transport that began this weekend and...