AHEPA Denounces Manhattan Supreme Court Justice’s Alleged Anti-Greek Slur

Ahepa Logo. (Source ahepa.org)

WASHINGTON — The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (Order of AHEPA), the leading association for the nation’s millions of American citizens of Greek heritage and Philhellenes, denounces an anti-Greek ethnic slur allegedly made by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Barry Ostrager during a settlement case in October 2018, and calls for his ouster, announced Supreme President George G. Horiates.

According to lawyer Michael Camarinos and his colleague, both of whom are Greek Americans, Justice Ostrager said, “you have a couple of old pigheaded Greek clients that don’t know what they are doing.” Ostrager made the statement in reference to Camarinos’ clients, John Pappas and Peter Skeadas, both of whom are also Greek Americans.

Supreme President Horiates, who is an attorney, stated it is upsetting to hear derogatory comments being made from officers of the court, individuals who are elected for a fair and impartial approach to complex legal issues.

“Simply stated, Justice Ostrager’s alleged ethnic slur is offensive and unacceptable,” Horiates said. “To demean the plaintiffs’ case based on their ethnic background demonstrates prejudice. Then to make a comparison, or an attempt to somehow link their intelligence with such an offensive term, is downright disgraceful. Justice Ostrager’s slur is anti-Greek and anti-American.”

Horiates added, “We are outraged and call for Ostrager’s ouster, or at least, his censure. With such a significant Greek American presence in Manhattan, Justice Ostrager is unfit to sit on the bench.”

Source: ahepa.org


  1. This is what AHEPA wastes time on, no wonder they do so much good? A slight, ok an insult, maybe he knows Greeks better than you think therefore his comment…his terminology was to say stubborn but came out differently….obviously never been to courts in Greece where there is no decorum respect etc. From judges, lawyers, litigants spectators it’s a free for all. With nations threatening Greece daily and AHEPA spends a second on this shows lack of leadership or vision. Hellenism will not die in a court room, but in the land and people that will be affected by neighbors and leaders bent on their destruction.

    1. We Greeks were besieged and attacked for over 1500 years in a very rough part of the world. Being very determined (or pig-headed) was what pulled us through.

  2. He should have said pigheaded ounia fatsa ounia ratsa peloporicans.
    THey are the ones who give us the bad name.
    Especially the Maniacs, like the idiot bishop of Pireus.

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