Cyprus Decries Turkey-Libya Maritime Border Deal

President Nicos Anastasiades of Cyprus. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

NICOSIA  — Cyprus’ foreign ministry has decried an agreement between Turkey and Libya’s U.N.-backed government to delineate the maritime boundaries between the two countries as a serious breach of international law that disregards the lawful rights of other eastern Mediterranean countries.

The ministry said Friday a Memorandum of Understanding the two countries signed has no legal validity and can’t undermine the rights of Cyprus or other coastal states.

It said Turkey’s “distortion” of international law doesn’t afford it any legal rights and demonstrates that Ankara is alone in its views.

Turkey doesn’t recognize Cyprus as a state and is conducting exploratory gas drilling in waters where the ethnically divided island nation has exclusive economic rights. Ankara says it’s defending its rights and those of breakaway Turkish Cypriots to regional energy reserves.

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  1. The real prime Minister of Greece..Geoffrey Pyatt, who was one of the coordinators from the State Department with U.S ambassador to libya Stevens working for Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden , and Barack Obama to invade, bomb, and destroy the country of libya. and turn over the most progressive countries in North Africa into a wasteland of Terrorist Tribal governments, and destabilized the Ukrainian government to install indicted Neo Nazi oligarks beholding to Joe Biden and the rest of the Marxist in the U.S government, and is more concerned about Greece and Cyprus provoking Turkey for speaking out against blatant claims on territories of Greece..with the help of the U.S created government of libya!

    To my knowledge .. under the leadership of libya by the assassinated Mr. Kadafi ..there was no migrant crisis, and no Turks in libya!

    Throw Pyatt, US and Nato Bases out of Greece and Cyprus.and get out of EU!

    MIstotakis, and Anastasiades.allow EU and Nato dump former ISIS terrorist to escape from the Advancing Syria Army to liberate villages of Syria into Greece, and destroy the Hellenic Culture built over 4000 years!

    These Greek traitors have surrendered the Macedonian Culture of Greece to U.S and North Macedonia!

    He surrenders more territory of Greece and to add more U.S and Nato bases!

    They turn over the Energy industry of Greece and Cyprus exclusively to Exxon Mobil, the oil barons, who also occupy Syrian Oil and Gas fields with U.S troops!

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