PSEKA Says Turkey is an Unreliable Ally

In this photo taken from the Turkish side of the border between Turkey and Syria, in Akcakale, Sanliurfa province, southeastern Turkey, smoke billows from targets inside Syria during bombardment by Turkish forces Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

NEW YORK – In response to the recent Turkish invasion of Syria, the International Coordinating Committee Justice for Cyprus (PSEKA) led by PSEKA President Philip Christopher released the following statement on October 10:

As American citizens, we are silently witnessing the so-called “peacekeeping operations” in Syria by Turkey- the invasion into Syria to slaughter our allies, the Kurds, who lost 11,000 people fighting next to American soldiers to save the world from the barbaric, terrorist actions of ISIS!

The peacekeeping operation reminds us of the illegal, brutal Turkish invasion of Cyprus on July 20, 1974, an invasion that killed thousands and displaced 200,000 people from their homes, creating a Muslim fundamentalist state in the occupied area.

The then-Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, gave the green light to Turkey to invade the island, and today President Trump, in his “infinite unmatched wisdom,” gave the green light to dictator Erdogan to slaughter our allies, the Kurds!

Although we understand the eagerness of President Trump to bring 100 American soldiers home, we are outraged that we are compromising American values for the sake of expediency!

It is time for Turkey to face the consequences of their actions. We call on the United States Congress to enact sanctions and hold them accountable for crimes against humanity! The true and loyal allies of the United States in the region are Israel, Greece and Cyprus.


  1. How pathetic another fraudulent Greek Secret Secret society of Glory to America and Israel Aristocratic Elitists, who serve the interest the interests of degenerate mobsters not running America and Israel Ahepan Mason Robert Menendez of the Marxist U.S congress, and Benjamin Netanyahue of the Aparthied State of Israel and home of the only Open Air Prison in Gaza of Palestinian people, not Greeks in Cyprus or Greece!

    .These frauds.. are proud to call Greece and Cyprus the most loyal Allies of the now acknowledged leader in crimes against humanity in history …the government of the United States of America !

    Both Menendez and Netanyahue ..have been indicted for corruption , bribery laundering of funds, and charged with crimes against humanity in slaughtering 3,000 Palestinians about two years ago, and war crimes for aiding and supporting with Barack Obama, and Donald Trump the Sunni Muslim Jihadist Terrorist of Turkey, which include ISIS , Al Queda , and the Kurds ..who contrary to more lies by the collaborator of the Regime change wars of Netanyahue, Obama, Hillary , Edrogan ..and the Royal family of Saudi Arabia to annex , like Northern Cyprus ..the entire country of Syria with their chosen Mistotakis Tsipras, and Anastaisades of Cyprus… the ARISTOCRATIC PROPAGANDA MACHINES … called TNH and mainstream Media!

    Christopher.reveals ..why there has been no Justice for the slaughtered Greek Cypriost of Northern Cyprus!.


  2. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me., Mr. Fraud Christopher

    Any Greek or other..who confesses that Greece and Cyprus have been betrayed by America and its Vassal EU and is proud of being an ally of an organized crime family of degenerate sadist and war criminals running America,.who represent the interests of Aristocrats and Marxist to wage economic, political and military warfare take over the sovereignty of independent countries of the world Greece and Cyprus. should be shamed ,as I shame CHRISTOPHER!

    Trump tweets what Christopher and PSEKA are allies of…

    Trump Admits US Killed Millions in War Based on Lies . “We went to war under a false & now disproven premise, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”

    Amid the storm of denunciations—extending from right-wing Republicans to the Democratic Party, the New York Times and the pseudo-left Marxist publications—of his decision to pull US troops out of Syria,

    President Donald Trump issued an extraordinary tweet on Wednesday in defense of his policy:

    “The United States has spent EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS fighting and policing in the Middle East.

    Thousands of our Great Soldiers have died or been badly wounded. Millions of people have died on the other side. GOING INTO THE MIDDLE EAST IS THE WORST DECISION EVER MADE … IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY! We went to war under a false & now disproven premise, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.”

    Yet TNH and corporate media ignore his tweets.. and why!..

  3. cont..

    because it amounts to an official admission from the US government that successive US administrations are responsible for war crimes resulting in mass murder..just like they have orchestrated in Syria, with Turkey!

    Trump acknowledges that Washington launched the 2003 invasion of Iraq on the “false premise” of “weapons of mass destruction.” In other words, the administration of George W. Bush lied to the people of the United States and the entire planet in order to facilitate a war of aggression.

    Under international law, this war was a criminal action and a patently unjustified violation of Iraq’s sovereignty. The Nuremberg Tribunal, convened in the aftermath of the Second World War, declared the planning and launching of a war of aggression the supreme crime of the Nazis, from which all of their horrific atrocities flowed, including the Holocaust. On the basis of this legal principle, Bush, Vice President Cheney and other top US officials, as well as their successors in the Obama and Trump administrations who continued the US intervention in the Middle East expanding it into Syria and Libya, while threatening a new war against Iran—should all face prosecution as war criminals.

    Now you know why PSEKA.are traitors to Cypriots and loyal allies of perpetual wars and genocide for control of all the government of the world, hence complicit to crimes against humanity with the U.S !

    Complicit with Robert Menendez , Netanyahue and Edrogan all war criminals!

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