Letter to the Editor: Archbishop Nikitas

To the Editor:

I am a subscriber who looks forward to reading the weekly edition of the paper. As I live near San Francisco the paper takes a while to be delivered to me.

I have been reading every issue since July 27 to read about Archbishop Nikita’s Enthronement in London and as of the last issue have not seen any report on it.

It seems that the paper published two interviews with him but nothing else. I think this is a shame to ignore such an educated man who is devoted to his work as a clergyman.

I think it is disrespectful to ignore a man born and raised in Tarpon Springs who become a Deacon, Priest, Metropolitan of Hong Kong and then Director of the Patriarch Athenagoras Institute in Berkeley.

Recently he has been traveling giving seminars on Human Trafficking. Based on this I do not think the National Herald provides unbiased coverage of all important events regarding the Church.


George Fonti
San Francisco