Archbishop Elpidophoros Meets with NCC Delegation

On August 14, Archbishop Elpidophoros met with members of the National Council of Churches, which included (left to right) Dr. Tony Kireopoulos, Jim Winkler (President and Executive Director), and Bishop Darian Moore (Chair). Photo: GOA/ John Mindala

NEW YORK – On August 14, His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros met with a delegation from the National Council of Churches of Christ (NCC), including The Rt. Rev. W. Darin Moore (Chair), Jim Winkler (General Secretary and President), and Dr. Tony Kireopoulos (Associate Secretary General).

After exchanging gifts, the structure and needs of both sides were discussed. Bishop Moore emphasized the NCC’s current focus on ending racism, remembering the Archdiocese’s role in launching the ACT to End Racism initiative in 2018 as well as connecting the current efforts to those of Archbishop Iakovos during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Archbishop Elpidophoros expressed the Archdiocese’s continued commitment to the work of the NCC and all relationships therein.

During the meeting, Archbishop Elpidophoros professed, “while texts and explanations are often sought and serve an important purpose, our example negates their necessity. Common witness and common prayer among our churches will be enough to guide our people to understanding one another better and to harmonious living.”


  1. The Holy Fathers must have known something for prohibiting the relationships with the heretics.

    Today they say: “we should pray together not only with a heretics but also with the Buddhist and with the fire worshiper and the demon worshiper. The Orthodox must also be present in common prayers and in their conferences. It is a presence.”

    What presence? They resolve everything with logic and justify the unjustifiable.

    Some of the Orthodox who are shallow and wish to make a promotion, “a mission,” they arrange conferences with the heterodox to cause a sensation, believing this way that they promote Orthodoxy, by becoming so to speak “Hungarian goulash” with the false believers.

    On the other hand, the heterodox come to conferences, act like teachers, take whatever good spiritual thing they find from the Orthodox, they process it, they give it their own colour and mark and they present it as a prototype. And the strange contemporary world becomes touched by such strange things and is spiritually destroyed.

    The Lord though at the appropriate time will present the Marks, the Eugenikos and the Gregorys Palamas who will assemble all our deeply scandalized brothers, to confess the Orthodox faith and strengthen the traditions of the Church and give great joy to our Mother, the Church.

    – St. Paisios of the Holy Mountain

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  4. Have you seen the old photographs of Greek priests praying alongside rabbis and muftis at Ottoman civic celebrations? Did you condemn THAT as ecumenist syncretist concelebration, too? Or do you do that only when our archbishops pray for the victims of your beloved terrorists. No, you were too busy enjoying your Ottoman franchises. Elps correctly preached in Astoria that heretics are those who argue, not those who don’t know, like those who insist on using the calendar of the evil empire that killed Jesus. Homyakov was the first ecumenist and the matrilineal progenitor of most seminary deans. American ecumenism has been about common action in affairs of common interest, as when the Bible Society was established to share the copyright on the bible so new sects (like Yehuvaties) would not distort it.

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