Letter to the Editor: Response to “A Wasted Archiepiscopacy”

FILE - Archbishop Demetrios is talking to the congregation of the Resurrection parish in Brookville Long Island about his resignation from the Archbishopric Throne of America. (Photo: TNH/Costas Bej)

To the Editor:

In “A Wasted Archiepiscopacy” by Anonymous, the writer said about former Archbishop Demetrios, “he has insisted on clinging to the prestige of his office.” This is totally untrue; Archbishop Demetrios is and was a humble man who guided his flock well. I attended many events and services that he was at, they were well attended, he was never demanding, and the faithful listed attentively to his inspirational messages in both Greek and English. Many members of the church wanted him to stay; “Anonymous” does not speak for all of us. We Greeks love to complain, I have seen and heard them complain about three different Archbishops and I am sure in a short time they will complain about the new one.

The author goes on to say, “The truth is that no one cares what Archbishop Demetrios thinks about Greece, ‘Macedonia,’ or Cyprus, least of all American politicians (not to mention the Greeks and Cypriots themselves).”

I personally do care along with many members of our church, and non-Greek politicians who have championed those causes, I was a 6 year old child visiting my grandparents during the invasion. It is still occupied and many of our churches are stables. It is possible the author of the article does not care, but many do. Also many faithful have and still given money to feed the hungry in Greece.

The author also says, “All signs of Church growth are down except for one, funerals.” Much of the Greek-American population is now past the first and second generation, there are no new waves of immigrants and the U.S. birth rate is down, naturally funerals will go up and weddings and baptisms will not be as high as the past. My parish is full on most Sundays and many youth care about the church. If “Anonymous” wants to make the church better he or she should start with themselves, by supporting our church leaders and not always criticizing them. We should remember what Christ said, “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you,” [Matthew 7:1-2 RSV].

As for St. Nicholas, many large projects suffer setbacks, nothing worthy is easy. I have and will give to it being finished; if we work together, we can succeed.


John Papas

Dumont, NJ


  1. Well said John, Thank You! People have become way too judgemental acting is if they themselves can do the job better! No one will be perfect.

  2. Dear John and Nikos,
    I know your comments are sincere and loving of Archbishop Dimitrious. If you will recall the first two years of his status as Archbishop had a positive effect on the faithful coming off Archbishop Spiridon’s tumultuous reign. The balance of his 18 years of church service were more the same, yet did not develop in a progressive, forceful, dynamic force for Orthodoxy.
    Think of it this way; is our faith stronger, responsible, transparent today than it was 18 years ago? Picture our status at this moment. Our Archdicose’s is in trouble meeting it’s financial obligations, plus the huge mortgage on it’s real estate; the problems at the St. Nicholas Shrine; the near collapse of HCHC, and combined with the news coverage of these sorrowful events has dimmed the light of Orthodoxy in the USA. Please tell me how we are better today than previously?

  3. The events that transpired on Demetrios’s watch ( especially in Chicago, NJ, elsewhere) are unforgivable and inexplicable in ordinary terms. Now is not the time to get sloppily sentimental about an old man. Now is the time to demand change, accountability, independence, growth, and a return to the basics of running a real church, not a colony of Greek Ottoman, sexually depraved, black tie butt-kissing, phony titled, thieving, gold-laden mini-despots and their sycophants who have screwed the whole deal up beyond repair. This needs to be the time when Jesus clears the Temple of all the filth. Grow a set of cohones and do the right thing. This need not be over-intellectualized.

  4. Spiro, while John Papas represents the sentiments of 99% of Greek Orthodox faithful, who you and your Greek Secret Society of Ahepa Masons sponsored by TNH consider stupid, ignorant and insubordinate in refusing to accept your depiction of the entire Greek Orthodox Church and Archbishop Demetrios who faithfully and not perfectly dedicated their lives to teaching the gospels of Christ and opening the doors to the only word …the people of the world believe in and trust…not yours, or TNH, Fox News, CNN, Washington Post etc etc!

    Spiro, your post must have referee not to an OlD MAN , but yourself and the organizations and people you support .like, Ahepan Robert Menendez and the secret society of ahepa Masons, the U.S Congress, Geofrey Pyatt , Patrick Theros and State Department and C.I.A, traitors and leaders of Greece and Cyprus. Tsipras , Mistotakis, Anastasides, and of course Bartholomew…who the crucified Christ refered to when he said ..”Forgive them for they know not, what they do”

    This group for 30 pieces of silver have betrayed the entire world in being accessories to committing crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, destroying the culture and religious values of Greece and Cyprus, supporting religious discrimination and genocide of Orthodox Christians, and Shia Muslims in Syria.

    Bartholomew with Pyatt’s Nazi collaborator Victor Porchenko celebrated the dismembering of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and the world, like Yugoslavia!

  5. Continuing, Bartholomew corruptly for power and money prostituted the Orthodox church for degenerates, Pyatt and Porshenko, who have been removed from the Ukraine by almost 80 % of her people, and replaced by a comedian!

    Bartholomew ignored Orthodox Patriarchs of Syria , Jerusalem, Lebanon..who begged him and Menendez to stop arming Sunni Muslim jihadist proxy armies of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, and Israel killing Orthodox Christians in Syria!

    The Orthodox Church and Demetrios pale in comparison to you and your Greek Secret society of Ahepa Masons ..who carry Silver Medallion around youd necks and desecrate our churches Altar once a year on their fraudulent show called Ahepa Sunday.! They with their masters in our government are the colony of Greek Ottoman, sexually depraved, black tie butt-kissing, phony titled, thieving, gold-laden mini-despots and their sycophants who have screwed the whole deal up beyond repair who are the deceivers ,,,and should be banned from our churches!

    Yes,.the church in North America has been derelict..in not doing what the courageous clergy of the church of the Nativity and Sepulchra did to keep it clean.which was to ban George Bush Jr. Tony Blair, Dick Cheney Donald Rumsfeld,.the darlings of the ” Glory to America” Ahepa Masons , from ever entering their churches for their war crimes against humanity in Iraq!.

    Geoffrey Pyatt is planning a “War Heroes Welcome” in Washington for Bartholomew, I will boycott him!

    1. Michael, has the nurse been by to slide your meds under the door and watch you take them through the peephole? It’s almost 11 pm and the shift will change soon.

  6. Apparently, Spiro..you and your fellow silver medalist from your Greek Secret Society of Cult Ahepa Masons are very familiar with the Protocal of one of the luxury homes for the criminally insane Asylums!

    And why should we all be surprised by your revelation., since, 80% of your membership are old enough to be sending their money in .from some sort of assisted living or Asylum!

    By the way. Spiro, do you get visits from Endy Zemenides and the Greatest Philhellene in Greek History..the indicted Robert Menendez.. who are the subcontrators for the Jewish Pro Israel lobbies and the best friend of Robert Menendez ..a Jewish doctor who provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in Gifts to Menendez with money embezzled thru Medicare Fraud of the people of America to the Tune of 8 million dollars !

    Unfortunately, Mr. Menendez best friend ..is now doing 17 years in a Federal Prison for stealing this money from America and giving it to Spiro, Endy, TNH, and the Ahepa Masons best brother and Hellene in the world..Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey.!

    Hey Spiro, .do they serve Kool aid with lunch, and do you have transportation provided by Geoffrey Pyatt and your brother Robert Menendez…to make that “War Hero Welcome” reception in Washington with the former Patriarch of the Orthodox Church…Bartholomew?

    1. G-man, have the Black Russian Helicopters rescued you yet from Bellevue? Send me a picture for the Masonic and AHEPA newsletters. Oh, and one of your padded cell, before they break you out. What’s the next stop? Will you bunk with Edward Snowden in a Moscow hotel?

    2. It is wonderful to read this exchange. There is ample proof of the efforts of ……………(a smart person could easily fill in the blank) brainwashing the ignorant in our community. Spiro I feel sorry for anyone that can go after every Patriot of our community between his visits to mental health professionals.

  7. Spiro and Basil The.Supreme commanders and white supremacist of the order of the Ahepa lodge of Masons and the ” self appointed” reps of the Greek Community, now, tell the Greek community that anybody who does not agree with them.is not only an ignorant inferior deplorable Greek, but traitors to the only Patriots in America…the Greek Secret Society of the Ahepa leadership like Endy Zemenides or their leader …the Greatest Patriot of Israel and Saudi Arabia in History ..the “Pay to Play ” war criminal Robert Menendez, who tells the alleged ignorant Greek community to join him in starving the people of Venezuela and iran to remove their leaders which UN inspectors call crimes against humanity!

    However, I met with Iraq War Veteran and true patriot Congresswomen Tulsi Gabbard in N.Y…and be assured.she will stand against everything Menendez and sponsor TNH actively support as follows..

    Stand up against bought and paid-for politicians, kowtowing to special interests and selling their votes to the highest bidder.

    Stand against powerful politicians from both parties who sit in ivory towers thinking up new wars to wage and new places for people to die. Wasting trillions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of lives, undermining our economy and security, and destroying our middle class. These self-serving politicians are dragging us from one regime change war to the next, exacerbating the New Cold War, and pushing us to the brink of a nuclear war.

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