Letter to the Editor: Request for Timely Coverage

(Photo by Eurokinissi/Yorgos Kontarinis)

To the Editor:

Christos Anesti!

I have been receiving the National Herald for quite some time now. Your articles are often interesting though the paper does not come in a timely way and most of the events are long over with by the time we receive it.

One event that will be taking place in Chicago, on June 9th, is the commemoration of the massacre that took place in Distomo of Boeotia on June 10th of 1944. It is beyond human imagination as to how those innocent people were massacred by the Nazis in a short period of time. Much has been written about it, a movie was made, Song for Argyris, and the town is still waiting for reparations from Germany, Distomo was not alone. Greece suffered, not only from the Nazi occupation, but the civil war that followed it. We cannot allow these tragedies to be forgotten.

The National Hellenic Museum of Chicago, IL will be hosting the program on June 9th.  Timely coverage by your newspaper might be in order.

Thank you.

Georgia S. Mitchell

Northbrook, IL


  1. Mr. Mitchell…your letter is much more timely than you think,

    To this end, I would think you would agree…that you should also commemorate on June 9th and covered by TNH, not just what took place in Distora, but the most famous crimes against Greece committed by British troops and Greek Nazi collaborators on December 3rd, 1944 in the Heart of Athens …Syntagma Square, and called by Greeks. .. Dekemvriana
    On December 3rd .. Greek Partison made up of Communist sympathizer, and responsible for liberating Greece from the Nazi oppression.were celebrating with all Greeks the alliance of the U.S , Russia, Britain, and France in fighting Hitler!

    “The Nazi collaborators, Athenian police and British soldiers began firing on the crowd from the roof of the parliament in Syntagma Square killing 28 unarmed civilian celebrants and hundreds injured Young Greek men and women lying in pools of blood, and in total shock.”

    . In Greece, you found yourself fighting or imprisoned and tortured by – the people who had collaborated with the Nazis, on British orders. There has never been a reckoning with that crime, and much of what is happening in Greece now is the result of not coming to terms with the past…. The Guardian News of Britain!

    Greeks remember the Dekemvriana , which created an abyss between the left and right thereafter the British did, what they do now with white supremacist from America incite civil wars by killing Greeks celebrating their liberation ….

  2. and to finish my post…then immediately bombing the 50,000 Greek Partison troops outside of Athens!

    Like today, British Prime minister Winston Churchill considered the influence of the Communist Party within the resistance movement he had backed throughout the war to have grown stronger than he had calculated, sufficient to jeopardize his plan to return the Greek king to power, and British rule of Greece!

    We know today, it has never mattered if you are a socialist, fascist, or dictator..only if you surrender control of your sovereignty to America or Britain, where relations are better than ever with Tsipras!

    Mr. Mitchell ..if you want to get the gory details of the entire crime by Britain ..who still remains in Cyprus, and Greece , but now with the New Britain called the U.S.A ..i refer you to the internet ..and Guardian article .Britain Dirty little Secret in Greece!
    How timely, .because what the British did in Greece, was simply the prototype for their current Regime change crimes of the independent countries by marching in like liberators.to fund proxy armies to incite civil war.and then install their puppets.like what happened in Cyprus, Ukraine, libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and what they are trying to do in Venezuela!

    The U.S and Britain are degenerate fascist regimes, whose 1944 Greek Nazi collaborators are now TNH, The Greek Secret Society of Ahepa Masons, Endy Zemenides, Alexis Tsipras, Mistotakis, and Menendez!

    Don’t forget.Dekemvriana

  3. Kalimera Michael. Early morning here in the Peloponnese…Yes glad you added Mitso, his policies are no different than Tsipras, or the other parties. The battle of left and right goes on, as Tsipras call ND and anything they do nationalism, or far right etc, as SYRIZA was in a coalition with the Extreme Right Wing ANEL? even though now you all see the fake Kammenos as a conspirator with and of the left to destroy Greece. Spy Money from all sides pours into Greece, from U.S., European, Russian, Chinese, etc to create battles within greece. Greece has been controlled by outsiders Turks, Euros, even after independence they were and still are pawns in other countries games and plans. Greece hasn’t been truly free in 2,000 yrs.

  4. Xpistos Anesti ! Pavlo and to everybody in the Peloponnese and Sparta!

    Pavlo..what you accurately describe ..is exactly the core problem ..which is a government which is corrupt thru and thru!

    Only the people of Greece can represent themselves …as to whether they wish to be ruled by a bunch of Foreign Nationals in Brussels calling themselves commissioners who wish to make Greece just another part of their new regional state, and erase the most famous culture in History …Greeks from the map, or be ruled by the United States and Nato to support their current World War 3 effort!

    My choice would be to ask Tsipras, Mistotakis , and any other legitimate candidates ..the following Question…..

    The Greek People elected a Socialist President ..named Tsipras…who promised to close U.S and Nato bases or for that matter any foreign country in Greece… additionally, their is a strong anti EU sentiment in Europe …and therefore , will the new president remove Greece from the EU?

    This is simple, if Tsipras and Mistotakis do not publicall support what Tsipras promised in the last election.then the people of the Peloponnese and Sparta…must send in another Leonidas, to run for office with a promise to remove the New Persian Armies occupying Greece…the U.S and Nato!

    Additionally, who must promise to remove Greece from the EU.since, the current corrupt politicians do not serve Greeks, but the Tyrants of the EU.!

    Only then can Greece be free…nothing less!

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