Chris Alahouzos is Elected to Second Term as Mayor of Tarpon Springs, Florida

Chris Alahouzos jumps on a chair and pumps his fists in victory as the results were announced that he just won a second term as Mayor of Tarpon Springs. (PHOTO: Alahouzos for Mayor)

TARPON SPRINGS, FL – Three years ago, Chris (Chrysostomos) Alahouzos became the first Greek-born mayor of the Florida Gulf Coast city of Tarpon Springs, home to the highest percentage of Greeks per capita in the United States.

On March 12, he coasted to reelection, defeating former mayor David Archie by 56 to 44 percent.

The centerpiece of Alahouzos’ campaign was his declaration that even though the job of mayor of Tarpon Springs, with an annual salary of $13,000, had been treated as a part-time position by many recent mayors, including Archie, Alahouzos always served as a full-time mayor “working as many hours as it takes to get the job done.”

Having served in managerial capacities at Verizon for decades, Alahouzos, who has since retired from that position brought his business acumen to City Hall, balancing the budget for each year he served as mayor, without having to use emergency funds.
Alahouzos also focused on increasing the quality of life for Tarpon’s seniors, and vows to establish a Senior Center in his second term.

Above all, Alahouzos has been committed to establishing and maintaining safety and security, standing by his vote for the City to purchase the Sunbay Motel, which had long been embroiled in drugs and prostitution. Though Archie criticized him for spending too much money to purchase and raze the property, Alahouzos insisted that Tarpon’s citizens – including parents of teenagers and young adults – as well as tourists looking for a safe, family vacation, do not consider restoring peace of mind to this idyllic community “too expensive.”

As the results were announced shortly before 8PM, his supporters at the Kalymnian House in Tarpon Springs, which hosted his end-of-campaign party, erupted in applause. Shortly thereafter, the news had spread to his native Greek island of Kalymnos, and congratulations poured in from there as well.

“I feel this is a victory for the people of Tarpon Springs,” Alahouzos told TNH. “They have spoken, and I will continue to work for them full time.”

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  1. Unfortunately Alahouzos has turned his back on his own Greek people any maybe this is a wakeup call for him. He really needs to be a steward of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral- he refuses to give the church money but he hit us up for money for his re-election. Dropi tou

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