Archons to Honor Fr. Alexander Karloutsos and Presbytera Xanthi

Father Alex and Presbytera Xanthi Karloutsos. (Photo by TNH/Costas Bej, file)

NEW YORK – The Order of the Archons of St. Andrew of the Ecumenical Patriarchate will honor Protopresbyter Alexander and Presbytera Xanthi Karloutsos with the Athenagoras Human Rights Award on Saturday, October 27 at the New York Hilton Hotel.

More than 1,300 guests are expected to attend, more than any other Archon event in the past except the one in honor of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew some years ago. Metropolitan Emmanuel of France will represent His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

In an interview with The National Herald Fr. Karloutsos said, “God has blessed us to serve the Archdiocese and the Greek American Community all these years,” adding that “I am not worthy of this honor but my presbytera is.”

Fr. Karloutsos who is one of the most distinguished and well-known priests not only in the Archdiocese of America but throughout the world always speaks very highly of his Presbytera Xanthi who is his valuable coworker in everything and for everything.

Fr. Karloutsos was ordained in 1970 and serves the Holy Altar for 48 years. He said, “I feel it is an honor and a blessing whenever you serve. I don’t distinguish between the Archdiocese, the parish, and the Patriarchate, we are all one Body of Christ.”

Fr. Karloutsos has so many and such great achievements. He said, “All these things were my duty, diakonia, I don’t feel that I did something special; I don’t like to say what I do, it is not in my character.”

When we asked if Fr. Karloutsos is the priest of the Holy Altar, the man who does fundraisers, opens the doors of the White House, he answered that “if it wasn’t for the Holy Altar I wouldn’t be a priest. I never asked for any position; the only position I had requested was to be ordained.”

Fr. Karloutsos spoke with reverence and nostalgia about his parents. He lost his beloved mother when he was 9 years old and his priest father assumed the responsibility to raise all his six children by himself. Speaking about his mother he said, “I remember her love, her compassion, her hug, her embrace.”

He said, “My father was telling me very often to be proud that I am Greek, to love the Omogeneia of America, to respect my name, and be proud that I am the son of a priest.”

He added, “I had always that pain about my father, how he was going to survive and raise his children. He made it with nothing. When he went to Nebraska to serve, his salary was $300 a month and the congregants used to bring him tomatoes, vegetables, to feed his children.”

When asked about the Archdiocese of America, the largest and the most prominent Ecclesiastical Eparchy of the Ecumenical Throne,which is in today’s dire condition financially, administratively, spiritually, and also about the Theological School in paralysis, Fr. Karloutsos said, “I think the biggest problem is the indifference that we have as priests and as lay people. It is the acedia [spiritual or mental sloth; apathy] as the Fathers of the Church say. We should be more spiritual, more sincere, to say the truth with love and so we can achieve miracles.”


  1. What a Joke! Great job “Father” Alex. Your Saint Nick project is shut down, a global embarrassment and is being Federally Investigated. BRAVO! What happened to all the missing money you promised us a year ago you would return? Now you are giving your self and your wife (and women can’t even be Archons) The Human Rights Aword from your own foundation. You have to have the stupidest PR people on the planet.

    You just keep quoting us scripture been working out great for you so far. We can quote scripture also,

    Ephesians 5:11 “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.”

    Best of Luck:)

    1. Actually, that’s not true. Iakovos made the late Katherine Pappas of Boston and his old parish , Annunciation, an Archondisa (feminine of Archon). Katherine used to have the freshly squeezed orange juice on a tray just outside altar in the stairwell for Iakovos to consume immediately after he partook in the sacrament (he would step to the side). It can and should be done. Archons and Archondises. Misogynist hierarchs and the monk culture prevents a full blooming of that part of our church. Shame. Women should just make pastries, according to them and beam with pride when their pizza parlor husbands hand over Leaderless 100 checks for 100k.

  2. Emmanuel’s presence is a signal that he’s auditioning for the role of archbishop, Alex’s ego would never put up with having a second stringer next to him on the dais. He’s already coaching Manny for the new role. Note to the rest of the country: you don’t matter, your opinions, your parishes. All that matters is that the Island of Manhattan oligarchs can get their mitts into the new guy and keep him as their personal chaplain. If you want to know about Emmanuel, best to check up on his time at HCHC and talk to his contemporaries. A truer picture might then emerge. And remember, never blame the fundraiser, he knew nothing. If you believe that, I have a bridge within walking distance of me that I want to sell you.

    1. What should we know about Met. Emmanuel’s time at HCHC that might affect one’s opinion of him as the future archbishop?

  3. Manny is a complete construct of the patriarchate. They like to call themselves “children of the patriarch “, like being called a “made man” in the mob. No one but a made man can serve as archbishop. Alex’s dinner is like a debutante ball. The Archons are like the parents who pay big money for their daughters to debut into society. If the debut is successful, in others words, plenty of sycophancy and phony piety, and if Manny handles it all well, Alex will give Bart the signal that Demo can be replaced immediately. Manny’s career has been a lot like Spyridon’s. When you’re not assigned to America, there’s not much of a record of career accomplishments and there isn’t the personal scrutiny overseas that there is here. Alex loves this type of hierarch because he’s so malleable and reliant. So, the only point of entry into evaluating Manny is when he was at HCHC, who he hung out with, which parties he attended, and what impressions did his classmates have of him. It’s perhaps time for those interested in the next Archbishop to do their homework.

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