Letter to the Editor: Criticism for Scaros’ “Lessons”

Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh testifies during the Senate Judiciary Committee, Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018 on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Tom Williams/Pool Image via AP)

To the Editor,

Where to start with Constantinos Scaros’ latest op-ed piece, “Lessons to be Learned about the Kavanaugh Hearings” (Sept. 29)?

As a second-generation Greek-American, I have become accustomed to hearing beliefs that, to put it politely, do not accord with the norms of accepted opinion. That is okay, not everyone has to agree with the New York Times. Mr. Scaros is a Trump supporter? Again, fine; a healthy civic space can tolerate disagreement.

His latest production, however, is beyond the pale. It is offensive and embarrassing to me as a father, husband, and proud Hellene. Momentarily leaving aside that the compositional device of enumeration of talking points, oops, “lessons,” is best left to sixth graders entreating their parents for a new iPhone, his description of men and women as separate species, and their comparison to bulls and cows defies belief. It neither folksy nor authentic; simply stupid and asinine. One can be partisan without being a benighted idiot.

Mr. Scaros has spent too much time among the cow patties of rural Pennsylvania. They, and not the readers of The National Herald, are the proper audience for his ruminations. Stop giving this clown a platform.


Nicholas King

Brooklyn, NY



  1. Nicholas King…. is clearly frustrated ….by the continued insubordination of those who do not comply with the ….. Globalist leaders of Washington and Brussels ….who are engaging in the greatest circus and show of political warfare and depravity….ever seen in the history of our country….between those who wish to dominate the sovereignty of the world , as part of a international coalition of the elitist and richest countries of the world …..with the United States merely, one of it main leaders …..and the new Trump world …unveiled officially at the recent U.N. General Assembly….which basically advises the Globalist …..that they have lost their enforcer….and the enforcer is now going it alone to represent U.S. interests and policies to dominate the sovereignty of the world, and no longer need the cooperation of these Vassal states …to meet the desired objective of controlling the sovereignty of the world by one …Global Body!
    Unfortunately, for the former stockholders….Mr. Trump …wants a global body…run by America first….and has no plans to give up it National interests and sovereignty to be part of a International Communist Blob of countries!

    Therefore , Nicholas expresses his anger with Mr. Scaros…..for expressing his opinions which do not comply with the approved Narratives of his Global masters….and represent Populist or Nationalist rhetoric! Under the communist systems …people representing dissident views ..were enemies of the people and state….but today….these people are now defined as ….Populist…. or really, the people ! Mr. Scaros…. is not allowed a platform…by Mr. King! As he says in his letter, ….. Mr. Scaros….has not complied with the ” norms of accepted opinion ” and the Globalist media world of “The New York Times, hence, is is clearly anti- Globalist ….like Donald Trump….and worst, a populist …who are all misguided as follows:

    ‘ As a second generation Greek American I have become accustomed to hearing beliefs expressed that, to put it politely, do not accord with the norms of accepted opinion. That is okay, not everyone has to agree with The New York Times. ”

    Today…. Google , Facebook, and other social media outlets…have now engaged in censorship of whatever they believe …. is unsuitable or inappropriate behavior …of submitted narratives on line! Which means …depending on their political compliance to the new Global order ….can ban those narratives which refute the ….politically correct Naratives of Mr. Kings ….favorite elitist Aristocrates …who use as a tool of war….the emotional dismissal of the writing of Mr. Scaros….. inappropriate……failing to provide any substance to refute his opinion!

    The only complaint against Mr. Scaros and TNH….who are light years ahead of the New York Times …in journalistic integrity and balance….. is their failure to print ….the lessons we should have learned from the Donald Trump U.N. Speech….. which clearly should educate the American and Greek people of Greece ….why they need to get rid of the EU, Nato and any military bases in Greece….and to understand , that remaining impotent to the actions of the Globalist or Donald Trump ….will allow the continuation of World War 3 against the world , and the stripping of more countries of their Sovereignty, and ultimately…..nuclear holocaust!

    The tearing up of the International peace deal unilaterally with Iran by the United States, the economic sanctions against the EU countries and the world , and the removal from the Human rights commission of the U.N by the United States …and now not recognizing the legitimacy of the International Criminal Court at the Haque……are simply, the symptons of the Trump Global Order …which is no longer sharing and being a contributor to a Global International ruling body ….but now … a U.S ruling body!

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