HALC Praises Passage of NDAA Provision on US-Cyprus Strategic Relationship

FILE - A Cypriot soldier is seen in an armored vehicle with a machine gun during a military parade marking the 57 years celebrations of independence in Nicosia in the divided island of Cyprus, Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017.(AP Photo/Petros Karadjias, FILE)

CHICAGO, IL — The Hellenic American Leadership Council heralded Section 1277 of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 (NDAA) which requires the Secretaries of Defense and State to submit a report on the United States’ security relationship with the Republic of Cyprus to Congress.

The 2019 NDAA, signed into law by President Donald Trump on August 13th, seeks an explicit assessment of “the ongoing military and security cooperation between the United States and the Republic of Cyprus” and “a discussion of potential steps for enhancing the bilateral security relationship between the United States and the Republic of Cyprus, including steps to enhance the military and security capabilities of the Republic of Cyprus.” Against this background, Section 1277 further requires an analysis of the effectiveness of the arms embargo and Cyprus, specifically as to how it affects “the bilateral security relationship between the United States and the Republic of Cyprus; and [t]he ability of the United States and partners of the United States to achieve shared security objectives in the Eastern Mediterranean region.”

The passage of Section 1277 in the NDAA is a key milestone for one of HALC’s top legislative priorities: the lifting of the Cyprus Arms Embargo. This policy change has been a part of year-long joint advocacy activity between HALC and the American Jewish Committee (AJC), and it was one of the requests made of members of Congress during the annual Congressional Hellenic-Israel Alliance advocacy conference.

“This provision in the NDAA brings us one step closer to lifting the counterproductive arms embargo on the Republic of Cyprus and achieving the strategic upgrade of Cyprus that has been declared as a goal of the Trump Administration by Assistant Secretary of State Wes Mitchell,” said HALC Executive Director Endy Zemenides. “Cyprus has established itself as a frontline state for Western security interests and a critical partner in a turbulent Eastern Mediterranean. For far too long, the United States has granted Turkey a de facto veto over a closer strategic relationship with the Republic of Cyprus. The NDAA brings us one step closer to a better policy. We would like to thank our allies at the AJC for advocating for this, and want to commend Senator Bob Menendez and Congressman David Cicilline for their initiative on this language and for their respective End the Cyprus Arms Embargo legislation pending in the Senate and the House.”

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  1. Only TNH….can write an article like this ….. which promotes the legitimacy of HALC….and the other cult secret societies of Neo fascist, or better known as ….Neo Con Masons, as the self proclaimed spokesman for the people of Greece and America…representing Greek interests…..

    Trust me…no Greek Cypriot or informed Greek….. has any respect with this fraudulent group of political prostitutes…who are merely…. state department trolls…to impose whatever benefits the interests of America , not Greeks!
    Suggesting that an arms embargo imposed on the independent country of Cyprus for over 31 years …by not the Constitutional guarantors and protectors of the defense and independence of Cyprus…. like Nato members Greece, Turkey and England.. but the United States, who in 31 years …did nothing to comply with U.N. resolutions to remove Turkey from Northern Cyprus…like impose economic sanctions, impose an arms embargo on Turkey, guilty of the ethnic and religious murder and cleansing of Greeks from Northern Cyprus, and the war crimes murder of civilians which is what defines Crimes against humanity ….when a country like Turkey… invades and crossed the border of a foreign country …resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians….has now , based on the efforts of the HALC….will be “REVIEWED” by the Empire based on a resolution by John McCain ..acknowledged as the undisputed in house distributor of arms to anybody in the world …including some of his favorite Terrorist states and organizations…like Sunni Muslim Terrorist Sates …like Saudi Arabia and UAE….where freedom of religion does not exist, and to …appropriating 1 billion of our treasury…to arming …the Sunni Muslim Brigades in Syria!

    This degenerate…who is suffering from the cancer of conflict….has also did something ….that he never did for Cyprus…he championed and gained approval to sell arms to the now Neo Nazi regime in the Ukraine …. defend themselves against the boogeman from Russia! .

    What HALC is really doing …is promoting the occupation of Cyprus …thru the Protection Racket plans of the United States and ..to assure their are no declared enemies doing business with the alleged independent country of Cyprus …like Russia!

    Additionally, the review of the security relationship of the United States and Cyprus…. which , apparently , only the Cypriot Government is aware of …. but not the Turks…since, they have been the recipient of massive military arms, including being a major Air force base for the United States, and get this ….maintaining nuclear warheads in Turkey…which in a pinch…can use for their purposes!

    So HALC….is this your idea of a joke…to suggest their is some security relationship with the United States…. who has done everything for the past 31 years ….to jeopardize the security of the people of Cyprus by providing all tools for Turkey to maintain their illegal occupation in Northern Cyprus, and threaten Cyprus with future wars!

    What HALC…should take credit for……. is representing the interests of the Neo Con Secret Society of Masons and State department , and being used to represent the interest of Israel with their collaboration with the various Jewish organization and lobbyist

    HALC…calls out for their good work….Senator Robert Menendez. of New Jersey…as someone , The Greek Community should support , because he cares about Greek interests…. but in reality, supports Israeli interests…and was indicted for 14 counts of bribery, laundering gifts, and availing himself of Ukrainian call girls …curtesy of members of those Jewish organization , that the fraudulent HALC and Ahepa …collaborate with…for the Glory of America and Israel!

    In summary, the only interest in Cyprus by Halc and John McCain …is to use Cyprus ….as a tool to get Turkey to not buy Russia military equipment , and complying with the partition plans of the degenerates of Washington. D.c of the sovereign country of Syria…just like they did in 1974

    I as a Greek American…do not support HALC initiatives, because they are not real solutions,merely expedient to the interest of their buddies of Masons and John Birchers …who are ideologically demented people who blindly comply with .murderers , dictators, war criminal , and degenerate sadist who run our country…and have no problem with a government who …is dropping one bomb every 12 minutes on some country of the world…. because….were America…and we know what is right!

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