Letter to the Editor: Praise for Article on Houtos Artwork about Island of Sifnos

Collage: "Kastro-Panagia Poulati" Collage, 25 cm., 2018. Photo: Courtesy of Nikolaos Houtos

To the Editor:

Thank you for thearticle “Nikolaos Houtos’ Paintings Capture Magic of Sifnos” that appeared in the June 23 issue. Hearing about the somewhat lesser-known islands is always a pleasure and of course to read about talented artists like Houtos who have come to love the island as well is wonderful.

So many artists in the past were drawn to Greece in general for the quality of the light. It’s nice to know that the tradition continues. I look forward to visiting Sifnos one day soon.

Haroula Chrisomallis

Minneapolis, MN