Greek-Australian Dimitrios Mavris Found Dead in Cell

(File photo by Greek Police via Eurokinissi)

SYDNEY – A Greek-Australian man accused of smuggling 60 kilograms of cocaine was found dead in his cell, according to ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) which reported that “Dimitrios Mavris was being held at Surry Hills police station after being arrested at Sydney Airport last Wednesday, accused of hiding $20 million of cocaine in frozen fish.”

He was found dead last week in a Corrective Services cell at the station, less than 48 hours after being arrested.

Police are not treating his death as suspicious, however his lawyer, Sam Chamas, told the ABC his wife and children were devastated and Mr. Mavris had no previous criminal record.

“I don’t understand how this could happen,” he said. “I visited my client on Friday morning and he was in good spirits.”

Chamas said Marvis was “feeling good” about the bail application that was due to be made in Sydney Local Court this morning.

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  1. How can his family demand answers … how many families and peoples children has his activity destroyed, dont their families deserve answers oh and lets be realistic .. his wife had no idea right … whatever.. the holidays designer goods and high life just came from the trees in the street. Infuriates me that they try paint a picture of a good family man with no criminal record. He didnt just wake up one more and decide to import 59kg not 500g $20mil worth … not something a first timer would do i dont think, oh and i hope they go his assets for proceeds of crime. Scum!!

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