This Week in Greek History

The ferry boat City of Poros, 1988. Photo by Peter J. Fitzpatrick via Wikimedia Commons

City of Poros Terrorist Attack: July 11 1988

On July 11th the cruise ship City of Poros was attacked by three armed gunmen affiliated with the Palestinian terrorist Abu Nodal Organization (ANO aka Fatah- The Revolutionary Council). No group ever claimed responsibility for the attack, yet investigations linked the attackers to ANO. The ship was on its regular route between Flisvos Marina and Aegina when they opened fire with machine guns, killing nine on board. No official declaration for the attack was made, thus the motives still remain unclear. Some evidence indicates that the attack could have been part of an effort to put pressure on the Greek government to release ANO prisoners.

Madrid Declaration with Turkey: July 8 1997

Prime Minister Costas Simitis of Pasok and his Turkish counter-part Demirel agreed on the Madrid Declaration under the supervision of Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright during a NATO convention in Madrid on July 8th 1997. In the declaration, both countries agreed to respect each others’ “legitimate and vital concerns in the Aegean.” The agreement was criticized by the Greek political system as a concession to Turkey and a legitimization of Turkish claims in the Aegean. In the Declaration, Greece relinquished exclusive control over military flights in the Aegean Sea Airspace. Although not a binding treaty between the two countries, it holds value for Turkey as it is used as a backboard for claims in the Aegean Sea.