Dimos Jewelry, a Global Greek

April 23, 2019
Matina Demelis

Dimos Jewelry is one of the oldest representatives of Greek jewelry. Settled in the heart of Athens and in the historic district of Plaka. Stavros, the owner talked to TNH about Dimos jewelry. “My dad and founder Sotiris Dimos set his workshop in 1968 and he focused on recreating history from 4th century BC, Byzantine period and museum treasures. I always have been saying I was conceived for this and I am really blessed cause the reason that I followed the family tradition was pure love and passion for the jewelry world. Stavros graduated from the Jewelry College of Athens and in 1997. “I received an award in the National Design Contest. In 1998, I received the European Certification as Master Jeweler. With gemology seminars and continued education, I have brought DIMOS to a more global and known level for our one of a kind creations and strictly bench work.

What kind of jewelry do you make?
Again, we are known for the museum styles and classical Greek techniques and we don’t really follow the brief subjections or trends that some marketing methods choose because we believe more in the timeless beauty and value of jewelry for generations to come like the Meander collection world known as the Greek Key, the Byzantine, the neoclassical and granulation but the last decade I have focus on more one of a kind pieces, marriages metals and stones styles of lot of color. My NOIR collection is loved so much and the way the black platinum mixes with the metals and the stones become daily luxury.

What kind of jewelry women prefer?
Woman prefer jewelry that fit them in aesthetics, sizes that are in harmony with their body lines but mostly jewelry than can be worn a lot, mix and match and simply have the OMG factor. Often, I urge them to jump out of their comfort zone with their choice, with something more edgy for them and in almost all of that cases, I have a client for lifetime.

You expanded your business in USA with a store in Texas. Why there?
I have answered that question almost every week. I have been traveling to the US for twenty years now with shows and exhibitions and museums and the fact that many of our clients are US residents require weekly if not daily correspondence with US. But that step was not made in business needs and analyzations. I was already in two boutiques in Houston for a few years and in one personal appearance event someone asked me: “When we will see a DIMOS store in town”? and I said, “I’m ready”. That was it! The intuition and enthusiasm of timing is a big characteristic of Greek personalities and who we are.

That was enough to start building it the same day I returned to Greece. After seven years that store was sold due to my newborn twins and the much more needed presents of me in Athens

Do you have plans for the future?
I’m sure you know the expression, when we make plans God laughs. We don’t make long term plans, we don’t allow the big cooperation frenzy to influence our lives that’s why we are still a family owned business. I do have plans to make a lot more people smile through our jewelry and let more of the world see and know DIMOS creations. Also, the Asian market have started to respect the Greek work and understand what it stands for.
Other than that, I’m sure I will see you in Florida soon.


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