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Baltimore Sun Publisher Loves His Hometown, His Chosen Profession – and His Rich Greek Heritage
In First Days, Biden Flashes Action as Deep Problems Loom
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In First Days, Biden Flashes Action as Deep Problems Loom

WASHINGTON — Inside the White House, President Joe Biden presided over a focused launch of his administration, using his first days in office to break sharply with his...

Democrats Start Reining in Expectations for Immigration Bill

WASHINGTON — It's taken only days for Democrats gauging how far President Joe Biden's bold immigration proposal can go in Congress to acknowledge that if...

Supporters' Words May Haunt Trump at Impeachment Trial

WASHINGTON — The words of Donald Trump supporters who are accused of participating in the deadly U.S. Capitol riot may end up being used against him in his Senate...

Once Upon a Time ... In Olivewood – Cyprus Makes Film Making Move

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is shooting for the stars in its latest bid to attract investment, offering “aggressive” incentives to promote a fledgling film industry the locals dub Olivewood.

EU Court Says Bulgaria Can Make Knock-off Cypriot Halloumi Cheese

NICOSIA -- In a blow to Cyprus' treasured and allegedly trademark protected halloumi cheese - white cheese that doesn't melt when fried - the European Court of Justice (ECJ) said Bulgarian companies can make a faux product called BBQloumi.

Strong Earthquake, 5.3 on the Richter Scale, Shakes Cyprus

NICOSIA – An earthquake stuck Cyprus at 4:30 in the afternoon local time on Thursday, Jan. 21, which was felt in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, and Famagusta, according to early reports.

UK Doctors Seek Review of 12-Week Gap Between Vaccine Doses

LONDON — A major British doctors' group is says the U.K. government should "urgently review" it's decision to give people a second dose of the...

How to Stay Safe with a Fast-Spreading New Coronavirus Variant on the Loose

A fast-spreading variant of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has been found in at least 22 states, and people are wondering: How do I protect myself now?

Pfizer to Supply 40M COVID-19 Shots for Poor Countries

Pfizer on Friday committed to supply up to 40 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccine this year to a World Health Organization-backed effort to get affordable shots to poor and...

TNH's Mixologist: Cannaves Martini and Fig & Olive Mocktail Include Greek Olive Oil

NEW YORK – Cannaves Oliva, a cool new hemp olive oil brand founded by lifelong yogi and athlete Valentina Rodriguez who found a whitespace in the hemp/CBD...

Dry January Is Moist for Some at the Rocky Start of 2021

NEW YORK — A raging pandemic, tumultuous presidential election and deadly Capitol insurrection have combined to make the annual tradition of Dry January more moist...

Mexico President OKs States Acquiring Vaccines

MEXICO CITY — Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has given state governors permission to acquire coronavirus vaccines on their own.

Portugal Identifies the First Case of the New Coronavirus Variant

LISBON, Portugal — Portugal's medical agency says it has identified the first case in the country of the new coronavirus variant believed to have originated in South...

French Doctors: Don't Talk on Public Transport

PARIS — French doctors have new advice to slow the spread of the virus: stop talking on public transport.