The Fourth and Fifth Sundays of Great Lent

By John Athanasatos - April 15, 2019

On the 4th Sunday of Great Lent we commemorate St. John Climacus and his renowned treatise, the Ladder of Divine Ascent. St. John is also […]

Why Pose the Question?

By Eraklis Diamataris - April 13, 2019

Most people that think they live in democracies, don’t – they live in republics. In principle what does it mean to live in a republic-style […]

Greek-American Stories: Friendly Fools

By Phyllis “Kiki” Sembos - April 13, 2019

Sunday morning Yiannis woke up, stretched, saw the blue sky and felt fine, until he saw the calendar. March 31st. Hmmm! Tomorrow is April fool’s […]

Why Your Pappou Supported Trump and Will Again

By Constantinos E. Scaros - April 13, 2019

Let’s take a typical second-generation Greek-American, female, mid-twenties, living in Manhattan or another of the surrounding New York City suburbs. She’s a millennial professional, born […]

Erdogan’s Games with Russian Missiles

By Antonis H. Diamataris - April 11, 2019

Four top senators, two Republicans and two Democrats, the two chairmen and ranking members of the Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees – including Philhellene […]