Greek National Railway Infrastructure (OSE) Workers Block Trains at Renti Central Station

(AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis, File)

ATHENS – OSE employees on Tuesday occupied the railway station at Renti preventing the trains and the suburban railway from leaving the depot.

TRAINOSE general directors Filippos Tsalidis speaking to radio SKAI said that the train drivers were at their post but not train could depart.

According to TRAINOSE sources, on Tuesday morning OSE said it could not guarantee the train operation due to the workers’ participation in the 24-hour strike.

As the president of the Hellenic Federation of Railways workers Panos Paraskevopoulos said to he Athens-Macedonian News Agency, the workers are covered for their participation in the strike from their unions which participate in the strike declared by the Labour Centres of Athens and Piraeus. He also said that on Friday he had informed OSE and TRAINOSE that workers’ unions will participate in the strike.

It is reminded that TRAINOSE in an announcement on Monday informed passengers that all trains will conduct their routes normally on Tuesday while early on Tuesday it said that trains will eventually be out of service.