At Least 140 Children with Serious Diseases Live at Moria Hotspot, Say Doctors Without Borders

In this Saturday Oct. 5, 2019 photo, Afghan men prepare their tent after a rainfall, in a makeshift refugee and migrant camp on the fringes of the overcrowded Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

MORIA, Lesvos – At least 140 refugee children with complex, serious diseases live at the Moria hotspot in Lesvos island, the Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres-MSF) medical non-governmental organization warned in a Thursday statement.

Since March 2019, the MSF pediatric clinic outside the Moria camp at Lesvos has treated more than 270 such children with chronic and complex diseases such as heart disease, epilepsy and diabetes.

The organization stressed how these minors need specialized care which cannot be provided for by the organization’s clinic or at the Mytiline public hospital, due to lack of specialized services.

Director of Medical Operational Support Unit at MSF-Greece, Apostolos Veizis underlined that “we are in discussions with Greek authorities to transport children to the mainland for emergency medical care. However, despite the fact that some children were examined, none has been transferred yet.”