A New, Promising Start for St. Nicholas at Ground Zero

File- In this Dec. 6, 2019 photo, Greek Orthodox Archbishop Elpidophoros, center, leads clergy in a celebration of St. Nicholas Day in front of the St. Nicholas National Shrine at the World Trade Center in New York. Gov. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Dear friends, it’s good to be back!

Happy New Year, health and happiness to all of you.

I could hardly have picked a more pleasant topic for a new beginning of this column– after a necessary, six month absence, due to a potential conflict in my previous position– from what it will deal with today: The decision to restart work at the Church of St. Nicholas at Ground Zero – with a completion date set for September 11, 2021 – which was …

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  1. The circus never leaves town only the clowns change.

    Aside from the epic gasbagging the other day did any of these “best and brightest” write checks, because if they didn’t and they’re going to try their usual hustle of trying to bully, shame and intimidate the little people into donating and then they take all the credit they better forget about it because them days are long over.

    The $100 per member mandatory donation for each Philipotochos member of each church for the Shrine is a real beauty; Paulie Walnuts himself would be impressed with the audacity of the Archdioscese imposing a “Street Tax” on women who are running bake sales to try and support their local churches with leaking roofs, failing HVAC units and cracked and broken parking lots.

    If the “Best and Brightest” actually are going to put up their own money I have a prediction that it suddenly isn’t going to take $40 million dollars to complete this thing but far less – when it’s their dough they don’t have a sense of humor and they throw nickels around like manhole covers.

    Don’t worry though they’ll make sure they budget money to put 13 giant brass plaques with their names on them as you enter the Shrine to venerate their humble greatness.

  2. God bless our wonderful Vicar General Alexander Karloutsos for his hard work in making St. Nicholas Shrine happen!
    He’s been the target of many an unfair smear campaign + nasty jealous critics hurling unsubstantiated accusations, even calling him the “Prince of Darkness” when in truth, General Alex is the heart & soul, the ‘Lion of Archdiocese’ –
    Wait & see, these snakes will be eating humble pie.

  3. Tony, what was your conflict ? That you faked your credentials on your bio? Just be a man and come clean. Don’t be such a Greek obfuscator. Be an American.

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