Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs Expresses Condolences on US Mass Shootings

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

ATHENS – The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday posted a message on Twitter concerning the mass shooting at a Walmart store at the US border city of El Paso on Saturday, which claimed the lives of at least 20 people, and another mass shooting at Dayton, Ohio, early on Sunday, which claimed the lives of at least nine people.

“Profoundly shocked by appalling mass-shooting attacks in ElPaso, Texas & Dayton, Ohio, our thoughts go out to all those affected. Most sincere condolences to the bereaved families. Greece stands in full solidarity with the people & government of the U.S.” reads the message of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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  1. And this is the country and culture that Mistotakis would like to run Greece!..

    Well, U.S politicians provide 870 billion dollars to the military to terrorize the international community..thru out the world ..with their latest being Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Yemen …and waging economic terrorism on the EU, Russia, China and even Greece, but could care less about the terrorism being inflicted on us!

    This despicable act , is a common part of our lives now, since the US began terrorizing the Middle East and Europe with the number one human rights offenders and war criminals in the World, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and the horrific homicide of the people of Iraq, libya. Syria , Afganistan,, Yemen , Somalia etc etc !

    .AS Congresswoman., Tulsi Gabbard. told a National T.V. audience, it is Saudi Arabia and U.S arming and supporting Terrorism and terrorist organizations to do the dirty work of overthrowing the elected governments of the Middle East !

    Importantly as Wik leaks revealed, it was TNH idols Joe biden , Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama whi . chose to spend 1 billion dollars with their masters ..the C.I.A degenerates.. to train , fund , and recruit Sunni Muslim terrorists called Al Queda,to overthrow another leader of the Middle East!

    The U.S , overwhelmingly, the capital of the world in Mass killing attack.and why not, .this has been legitimized by the U.S governments in also leading the world in Mass Murders against foreign countries.

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