The Bureaucracy is Greece’s Number One Problem

A tax office in Marousi, Athens. (Photo: Eurokinissi/Stelios Misinas)

If Alexis Tsipras or Kyriakos Mitsotakis asked me which of the great problems that plagues Greece causes the most problems for the country’s economic development – especially driving away investors – and as a consequence should be dealt with immediately, I would answer without a second thought: the bureaucracy.

If this problem is not addressed, at least to some degree, everything else that is done will be a waste.

The following lines, which describe a true …

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  1. The number one problem of the public and based on National Polls fake news by TNH and Main stream Media!

    The media is considered the most corrupted institution in the world ..and why not ..the people who own it are Aristocratic Billionaires like Rupert Murdock, representting the Fox News show of lies to sell wars and elections all in the interests of their owners ..the upper 1% of the population of the world ..who include the U.S , England, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.whose Global plan is to carve out complete ownership of the economic political and military of every independent country of the world…who will now report to this world body , replacnng the U.N !

    Do you think ..Sheldon Adelman..the Jewish mafia Casino Mongrel does”;t control Donald Trump and Robert Menendez and the Degenerates in the Republican party who would kill their own mothers if she got in the way of their Global war march! This guy ..send 290 million dollars to the Republcian party and some of his best Menedez…to breat international laws to threaten war with Iran, and support the aparthied state of Israel in partitioning Syria! Adelman ..owns the newspapwerf of Israel sell his lies to represent his interests ..not Jews of Israel ..who would never tolerate , liek Christians and Jews in America…the war crimes of their government ..if they were told the truth, about who was the real terrorist of the world!

    TNH…take ownership are the problem !

  2. No, NYC. Most of the bureaucrats and especially teachers of Greece learned all thei rbad habits from NYC unions

    1. Bureaucracy is the product of democracy
      That spirals a nation into plain mediocrity
      Personal inconvenience gets out of control
      That somehow pertains to the good of us all.

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